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Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final

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OK, quite a lot of spoilers if you are intent on remaining unknowing until Saturday, but without giving too much away, tonight was a TRAVESTY (hahaha, i was on the internet in minutes, registering my disgust!), and there are three songs that RLY RLY should have got through. One more little comment before the cut though. Dear BBC, if you are going to put subtitles on the programme, please to be translating the non-english songs into english first!!! I need to know if the words in foreign are quite as dreadful as some of the ones in English, innit.

Hear all the songs/watch the videos on the eurovision website



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“Budweiser has rice in it. So what? So do Asahi and Kirin of Japan, Bintang of Indonesia and Efes of Turkey, and nobody has such a hate on about them.” Daniel Davies at Crooked Timber wages poptimist war on beer snobbery…

UPDATE: bullet point four gives me an idea for AWESOME FOOD SCIENCE btw

which is uh oh at my house this year i think –:0

DONNY OSMOND – “Puppy Love”

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#316, 8th July 1972

DonnyThe badness of this track is no fault whatsoever of its singer: Donny’s performance sells the song, and by the end he sounds honestly desperate for his love to be real. The problem is that Osmond sounds too young – he was 15 but his voice here is quavering, barely broken, and against a wretchedly treacly arrangement he is helplessly cast as cute. And we listeners are equally helplessly cast as the disbelieving world who don’t believe in the love, or the record, or any of it. We don’t have to, of course: enough of us have to find it adorable to make it a smash, no more.But its adorability has worn seriously thin.


SLADE – “Take Me Bak ‘Ome”

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#315, 1st July 1972

If I’d taken five weeks to write the last Slade entry I’d have marked it higher – I don’t like what I didn’t like in “Cuz I Love You” any better but I respect how it’s lingered as a baleful presence in my head. “Take Me Bak ‘Ome” has had the chance to do similar but no luck: its stomp just doesn’t seem to ignite, at least not until time’s running out and Noddy starts sounding urgent as the seconds tick down to the fade. Where it scores is in its noisy brutality – the nasty sprawl of the guitar, the massive handclaps after the first chorus which sound like someone beating out iron. But I want it to do more than that – maybe I just don’t like Slade as much as I thought I did. .


This Isn’t England. This Is Something Else.

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Shane Meadows “This Is England” is an affecting portrait of skinhead life in the early eighties. Tied closely into the twin historical behemoths of the Falklands and mass unemployment, it manages to show both sides of the skinhead culture. Even if it becomes a bit too Manichean: the good nice skinheads being sidelined by the aggressive NF types, it is generously complex about all of its characters. Everyone is a bit left out, these are in some ways the leftovers of British society in the early eighties, the youth who can’t get jobs, with beer, drugs and music filling that void. And racism. The racism is why the film, with a twelve year old lead, was given an 18 certificate by the BBFC. One of the few good things Westminster council have done – er -ever is challenge the BBFC, and here you can see it at 15. Which is why possibly people more likely to be sucked in can see a cold, but brutally convincing portrayal of the frightening (but shit) allure of fascism.


Redesigns On you Audience

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So the Guardian online: Guardian Unlimited has had a redesign. Not that surprising, the previous design did seem like a slight hangover from the three column era (the BBC are still sticking by that, but it can only be a matter of time: we ditched it last year on Freakytrigger). Now we’re not saying, like we always do, that the Guardian are copying us. Clearly they are not. But what is interesting is the timing of this design launch and what they haven’t done.