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TV Cream’s Toy Catalogue

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TV Cream’s Toy Catalogue. Yet more proof that TV cream does pay revisiting from time to time — and it looks like they’ve actually been working on this since late 2005. It’s updated like a blog, but indexed A–Z. Here are some of the more FT-friendly entries:

Big Trak
Top Trumps
War of the Daleks

though that last one sounds entirely made up to me.

FT Periodic Table: Element 3: ROBOTS

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robots1.jpgRobots. And not the so-so computer animated flick of 2005, but real actual robots, computer-brained servants made to follow our every need. The Freaky Trigger periodic table is forward looking to anticipate – in our time – more domestic servitude from our clanking friends.

Except, as that recent article predicted, robots will not be C3-PO-esque droids with cut glass British accents, acting as our own robo-butlers.


What is a Straighthead anyway?

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quad_jpeg_straightheads.jpgNearly all the reviews of Straightheads have been dismissive of this British revenge flick (example from Time Out here). Generally it got one star, half a paragraph and a snide remark that Gillian Anderson was slumming it. And perhaps in the upmarket papers there would also be a prurient mention of the anal rape by shotgun sequence, whilst rolling its eyes in print. The only review that had anything good to say about it was in Sight & Sound, and initially I thought that might be due to a British film connection: there might be an article involved.

Well Sight & Sound was right. Straightheads, incomprehensible title and strangely efficient intro aside, is a terrific little film.