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May 07

Focus Group 11 – CIARA

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CIARA – “Like A Boy” – Score: 4.68 (8th) – Controversy: 3.23 (1st)

(Females: 15th. Males: 7th. Under 30s: 8th. Over 30s: 12th)

Most like: Avril Lavigne. Most unlike: Mika.


Poptimism – Lesson Thirty Seven

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It’s The Beat – Simian Mobile Disco

D.A.N.C.E – Justice

Shine – Booty Luv

Le Disko – Shiny Toy Guns

Dismissed – Uffie

Close To Konichiwa Bitches – A plus D (Robyn vs. The Cure)

Love Loves to Love – Lulu


Its Only a Gameshow

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royal-sarkozy.jpgThere is an election in Britain today. But not in London. So it doesn’t feel like an election at all to me. Indeed I have felt really rather detached from all the posturing of the last few weeks because it has not been inciting me to vote. Kids might be enjoying the day off while their School’s are turned into polling booths outside London, but I’ll probably go to bed tonight forgetting that there is an all night Dimblebython going on. The French election seems more real to me at the moment: perhaps because I was in Paris for the first round of PRESIDENT ’07. Considering that they had an 82% turnout, I was very surprised that I didn’t see a single person go into a polling booth. But elections on Sunday’s work differently to our Thursday School ones, and it appears without that annoying Lib Dem woman standing outside the polling booth crossing off your name.


Popjustice Investigates

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I do not think that Popjustice is just about pushing pop music, changing their minds about Gwen Stefani singles and bitching about Scooch (all laudable things in themselves). Nevertheless, it appears that the good old ‘Justice have some honest to God, spot on, investigative journalism going on. A story about a minor pop single with a name shared with a styling gel.

The Panorama of Popjustice on Style, Attract and Play. It appears our chums have discovered a massive conspiracy to use pop music to sell hair gel*.



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Oscar nominated Mark Wahlberg is back, in this years most high octane film about a SNIPER. In it Wahlberg plays Bob Lee Swagger, an army SNIPER, left high and dry in a covert op in Ethiopia – who resigns and lives with his dogs in the mountains. Disillusioned by the army, he still feels the call when rubbish Danny Glover asks him to design how a SNIPER might kill the President. Having done this, he is shocked to find himself fitted up for the SNIPER job (killing the man next to the President) and goes on a one man orgy of violence against them who done him wrong, predominantly with a SNIPER rifle as he picks off the baddies one by one.

The name of this film?


There’s dumbing down and there’s dumbing down and there’s just plane assuming your audience can barely read.