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Mar 07

The Twilight Princess is a hottie, the game itself not so much

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Anticipation for the Wii and its ‘killer’ game Zelda: Twilight Princess had ‘unreasonably raised expectations’ written all over it. What creative game developers will be able to do with the wiimote is still in the stage of preliminary sketches, and it does look promising. The new Zelda game is not one of those games that anticipates that promise.

As everyone points out the game was originally designed for an earlier console. so yes, the Wii-ness of it is underwhelming. There are lots of special moves that don’t resort to button mashing. Replacing buttons/combos with gestures is sort of a winner, but it’s not very satisfying.

That said, it is a good game — but still not great as the initial over-excited reviews were drooling. I’d give it a 7 or 8/10, or 4 stars or whatever, and tell you it’s great value. It’s got the same mawkish character interaction and lovely touching cinema


Daily Show and Flavor Flav Explains DST ‘Aclockalypse Now’

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Maybe many brits aren’t aware, but thems ‘mericans start DST early from this year. At work, our New York office has only been four hours behind for the last few weeks. Finally this monday we get that all important fifth hour of peace before they start bugging us.