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Mar 07

BRANDWATCH: Sony’s PR Stunt*

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Magnus poses the following burning question. And I read:

This is a question for the people with marketing knowledge, and the marketers that lurk inside us all:

Sony gave away a free HD-TV, worth a fair few pennies each, for anyone they found queuing to buy a PS3 at the official launch at midnight last night. Although some had been there for a day and a half, plenty had only been there for a few hours at the most, perhaps hardly any time at all. In any case, the giveaways for these events normally feature a few low unit cost games – this is different league.

The PS3 has been suffering from negative press, and the abundant supply and unusually diffident demand also means that those queuing really had no need to do so: you – yes, you – can walk into your local HMV now with a fair chance of picking one up right now.


Sir Daily Show

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trevor.jpg“I eat prosecution lawyers for breakfast! I eat them also for lunch! And for tea! And elevenses! And midnight snacks!”

No, ITV have decided that their plan to run inferior reality TV shows against Big Brother this year was, well, a bit stupid. So instead they are investing in more dramas with David Jason in them. And a satirical news show presented by Sir Trevor McDonald called News Knight.

Minds be bogglin’. Watch this space.

SHARK, LLM – “it writes itself” pt 275627865782

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Following Freaky Trigger’s favourite show, House, Five has decided to schedule a new US import called SHARK! Which stars James Woods as a maverick lawyer, who is CROSS! A little like House, he shouts at a team of minions a lot! A little like House, he doesn’t do any actual lawyering! Unlike House, who saves people BY SWEATING, he saves people by YELLING! Shark is like this:


MAYOR: Shark! You get results! Come and work for me!
SHARK: You’re busting my ass! I eat prosecution lawyers for breakfast! I eat them also for lunch! And for tea! And elevenses! And midnight snacks! And second breakfasts! And third breakfast! And fouth break…

*seven hours later*

NEW PROSECUTION LAWYER SHARK: Lie! Cheat! Steal! Only this way can you be good prosecuting attorneys! You’re crap! Come to my FAKE COURTROOM that I have mocked up in my mansion! My housekeeper will pretend to be a judge!
NervousYoungLaywers [in unison]: This is totally non-freaky, no really, we aren’t reacting at all to this.
SHARK: You’re guilty!
FeistyLawyer: We’re not on trial!
SHARK opens trapdoors, YoungLayers fall through, larffing out loud, rofflez.

They then go into the courtroom and SHARK eats some more things FOR BREAKFAST.

Shark used to be a DEFENCE lawyer, but then he got a man off who then murderised his wife two hours after being declared innocent, HARROWED by this he has decided to bring his TUFF DEFENCE SKILLS to PROSECUTION to bring the guilty BANG TO RIGHTS. He talks in capital letters almost as much as me! This was only the pilot but I hope for many complicated legal twists and turns in the future. Promising!

Planet Of The Arabs

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film_planetofthearabs_001.jpgIt is coming up to the time for the London Palestine Film Festival, which is run by the Palestine Society at SOAS, and has been a rip-roaring success over the past few years. Having gone from a small University only festival, to now having half their screenings at the Barbican, they have managed to push out the idea of Palestine as a film making force, even if the films are often a bit single issue. Go figure. Anyway, it opens on the 27th April.