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Mar 07

Poptimist #2

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My second monthly column for Pitchfork, this one nicking an idea of Pete’s from the Lollards radio show and running with it down some fairly self-indulgent sidestreets.

Egg Chase Run Chase Tossers

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My week away has coincided with a packed week of sport. Between football (FA Cup action), the surprisingly surprising group stages of the Cricket World Cup and the final day of the six nations, the only thing that could have dragged me away from the television would have been sun and the promise of cold beer. And the beer was soon dragged infront of the television.

And so watching the last day of the Six Nations a poser was popped up. In the football league, all the games on the last day of the season are played at the same time. This is to prevent a cynical team playing for the result they need rather than playing with the excitement that other games could have some effect on your final place thus going for an out and out win. Clearly the smaller a league is, the more it is that this likely this will happen.