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Big Dog Big Dog Bow Wow Wow

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With the Trigger’s thoughts turning increasingly dogward, it strikes me as a good moment to alert the unaware among our readers to the Space Canine Patrol Agents. This team of crimefighting hounds made brief appearances in the pages of 60s Superboy comics, apparently to minimal acclaim. Looking at the team in action (caution: link contains the quite distressing death scene of Mammoth Mutt), the more cynical might wonder if a ‘names first’ character creation policy was in action: a particular favourite here is Tusky Husky, who can grow a giant tusk “for prising things open”. Suggestions as to how “Paw Pooch” would be remotely useful in the comments box, please.

CHICORY TIP – “Son Of My Father”

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#310, 19th February 1972

On a tip on a tip on a chicory tipI’ve spent the last three months on a crash course – is there any other kind? – in fatherhood, and I’d love to report that Chicory Tip have served as guides and mentors in this process. But they haven’t – mostly because Peter Hewson’s chewy way with a lyric makes it quite hard to work out what their child-rearing advice would actually be. “Moolin, I was foolin, I was free from drive” – great lyric, especially “moolin”, a combination of mooching and rolling, perfectly capturing the free-and-easiness of the irresponsible pre-Dad lad. Also: wrong lyric. According to every source I’ve found it’s “Moulded I was folded I was free from draft” – an indictment of risk-free parenting. Who’d be a lyricist?


Poptimism – Lesson Thirty Two – League of Pop Takeover

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PP3 Turn the Page – Blind Guardian

CC3 You Ain’t Ready – Yummy Bingham

CC2 More Than Friends (That’s Right) – 3LW

Sumthin’ Serious – Audio Club

PP1 Ladino Song – Oi Va Voi

CC1 Set Out Running – Neko Case

PP2 Ali-gholi – BarobaX

Don’ Give It Up – Siobhan Donaghay


thrillers BY kids: agatha christie’s second ever book

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adversaryok i haven’t read an agatha christie since i wz about ten so i have embarked on an ODYSSEY OF MIDDLECLASS CRIME, working my way through the new christie “by decades” collections — which means i began with THE SECRET ADVERSARY (1922), written when AC was 32.

i. it starts ON THE LUSITANIA as it sinking — this is bold!
ii. it features as a senior crim “the man behind the bolsheviks” — who is called KRAMENIN or some such — and unfolds against the backdrop of a possible GENERAL STRIKE fomented not by bolsheviks even, but by the MAN BEHIND THEM
iii. it bears a certain resemblance, in respect of its “who is the man behind the man behind the bolsheviks” central mystery, to THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY, except that is one of the greatest books ever written, and The Secret Adversary is actually a bit halt and lame and rub
iv. i’m afraid i guessed who the Secret Adversary wz going to be the FIRST TIME their name was mentioned (ie before they had even appeared in person) — there was a further 160 pages before my inuiton was validated
v. tuppence especially of tommy and tuppence is quite fun — and probably in terms of TYPES (at least in crime books) a “new thing under the sun”; she is a high-spirited FLAPPER who wants to GET AHEAD (but is actually it turns out very noble and idealistic, sadly)
vi. it is more slapstick than i expected, actually a bit TINTIN-ish