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Mar 07

Oi! Eavis!!

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xrrf tell us that 395,000 people have now registered for Glastonbury, ie, more people registered IN THE LAST WEEK, than in the four weeks it was open in the first place. Clearly the only PROPER FAIR WAY to sort this out is not let anyone who registered after 28 February buy a ticket until, say, 11am on 1 April, then those of us who followed the rules because we are committed to the festival and its spirit don’t get penalised by all these lazy buggers who were so very keen to go that they couldn’t spend two minutes filling in a form in a whole month. It should be relatively easy, as far as i can tell the numbers were sequential, so just have first question “what is yr number?” and if it’s too high “come back later, lazy” appears…

Their Comments To Take Over The World

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Now we know how mental the BBC Talking Points get. So one would imagine the humorous and pithy answers a woman moving back to the UK from Australia after thirty years would get to the question “Has anything changed?” Oh the fun, the gags about Marmite being in a squeezy bottle. Oh the thinly barbed self-hatred, the coffee gags and a tiptoeing around what appears to be an elephant in the website. Can we guess what it is?

Your 30 ways the UK has changed.

All I can say to:

12. Helen Mirren was occasionally called “Ma’am” by junior officers in Prime Suspect, but not by anybody else.
Nigel Macarthur

Is a big fat HEIN?

Tasty Sammich Alert!

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Marks And Spencers new Steak and Blacksticks Blue sandwich – very rich, very flavoursome (and a lovely combination of tangy cheese, sweet onion relish and steak which manages to hold its own against both). Also very expensive – though it will fill you up. M&S’ may have bad ads but their limited edition sammich program has been a treat lately. 

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