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4chan for beginners

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Don’t ever visit the 4chan site, it’s incomprehensible and full of filth (what better advert). But if you are feeling old from the incomprehensible tide of internets memes (which you can nearly always trace back to 4chan), you could get yourself some nets learning at lurkmore instead. Saves time. Some NSFW text stuff, but only tiny pix.

Pseudoscience Fiction for Kids – Professor Brane v Professor Peabody

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Dan Dare radio station Looking back it’s so bizarre, it runs in the family. My mother’s brothers grew up in the 50s and when I was growing up I received some hand me down books and toys. Were they ever into space stuff! A Dan Dare radio station toy, an early Top Trumps style card deck of satellites, all sadly lost now. (Imagine what they would have got on eBay). But sitting for ages on a shelf I found a copy of Capt. W E Johns “Quest for the Perfect Planet”, which I recently decided to read through for the first time.

This spurred me to find out more about 50s kids scifi, and to look up the Capt.’s Biggles books. He flies North, South, East and indeed West. Nice and complete there. (Biggles Takes it Rough!)

I found an excellent resource in the site Dreams of Space which puts down the publication of The Conquest of Space in 1949 (US, UK?) as the springboard for the craze for kid’s books that were based on the dream of space travel, and of course Dan Dare first appeared in 1950 (To orientate yourself, Sputnik came in 1957 and Telstar was 1962). All very laudable in their educational intent, mixing factual with (then) fantasy of people dealing with the alien environment of space. I remember an early Dan Dare strip dealing with the mundane issue of acceleration and deceleration in interplanetary flight.

Quest for the Perfect Planet Of course with Dan Dare proving so popular, I can see Capt Johns, perhaps seeing a slump in the sales of the more pedestrian adventures of an airpilot (air! how old fashioned), and thinking “I can do that”. So in 1954 he did just that with “Kings of Space”. The first in a series of what were effectively Biggles in space books. And here I am now reading “Quest”, the 8th in the series, written at the start of the 60s. A much more mature specimen…


scifi for kids: ANDRE NORTON

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norton 21norton died in 2005, aged 93, with a LOT of titles to her name — my reread entirely took in books i read aged i wd say 10-12

my interest was slightly piqued by fellow lollard TRACER HAND, who lent me THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN (ed.Drake/Flint/Baen), a compendium of golden-age SF short stories which included, in the intro, an encomium to Flint’s THREE GREATS = clarke, heinlein and norton — this linkage surprised and interested me, as i had always (perhaps just based on my own pre-teen interest turning into mild disdain) assumed AN was NOT highly regarded by the learned aficionado, precisely bcz she was taken (by librarians at least) to write for kids rather than grownups


the new metaphysical poitry

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(or “heterogenous ideas yok’d by violence together” as dr sourpuss johnson had it)


IHM Obvious Joke Watch: The Klaxons

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Klaxons n. 1. a device that makes an unpleasant repetitve noise, with the effect of clearing an area as quickly as possible.

2. that gadget the police use.


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scary babyi watched two eps of the 4400 last night: not much to report except a. they are wasting summer glau and b. SCARY BABY

T and I very much enjoyed SCARY BABY — as a device it is basically i. the er ULTIMATE VALIDATION OF SOVIET MONTAGE THEORY and ii. an extreme close-up of v.sweet baby except with MUCH SINISTER MUSIC PUMPING AWAY UNDERNEATH, followed by cut-away to baddie’s brane melting out of his nose or similar, then cut back to SCARY BABY (who is telephathic or alieng or from the future or something) — except sometimes the sinister music is finished and baby is SWEET ONCE AGAIN

thus we are thrown into a dialectical state of mind, and forced to think through the inherent political conflict: viz IT IS AN BABY IS IS TEH CUET vs OH NO!! SCARY BABY=INNER FITE WITHIN! OH NO!! ect ect

Twiki From Buck Rogers Causes International Incident

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twiki.jpgAnyone who moans about the increasing neighbourly attitude of the voting in the Eurovision Song Contest, should consider the difficult position of Israel. Recent winners (well, within ten years) their neighbours aren’t even IN the song contest. And would be unlikely to vote for them on the average year, let alone a year where a fabulously camp transsexual does the song.