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Plots – Now Thicker Than Ever!

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klarion1My most eagerly-awaited comic of the year came out this week: Grant Morrison and JH Williams’ Seven Soldiers #1. The ‘awaited’ bit had come to carry a bit more stress than the ‘eager’: the comic had been delayed for several months, in rumour due to Morrison’s delivery of a script three times longer than the 36-page issue DC Comics had solicited. There was some excuse for this – despite the numbering, SS#1 is actually the finale of thirty interlocking episodes, bringing seven separately published other series together, and there was a lot of ground to cover.


let them eat fah-diddley qake qake

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wigsok the idea of a vivienne westwoodesque biopic folly abt MARIE ANTIONETTE is so great that — by the time i realised this was what it wz gnna be (yes i waste a lot of energy avoiding moviepromo), i wz psyched for total disappointment

AND DIDN’T GET IT! OK it’s not as westwoodesque as all that seein as there is NO move towards “subversion” — or (to sidestep that stupid word) towards re-uncovering the dark horny kinky energy in seemingly trad tweedy foursquare material — but maybe in a way it’s BETTER. MA and her kingly hub are two sweet dim chips caught in a world-historical storm not of their making — he is a gnetle dullard who likes to collects locks and is terrified of sex; she is a cheerful dutiful simpleton — and the two of them build their ludicrous rococo wendyhouse to hide themselves away from a land and a time they know nothing of, and to free themselves from the crushing boredom of having ABSOLUTE POWER and NO IDEA WHAT DO DO WITH IT (in fact no ideas full stop).

Except she has ideas about clothes!


Who’s The Rat?

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Bored of Damon / Nicholson / Di Caprio...One of the DEPARTURES of the film THE DEPARTED from its source material – Hong Kong thriller INFERNAL AFFAIRS – is a DEPARTURE from the TIMELINE* of the original. Not only does the undercover cop character changes his whole identity in INFERNAL AFFAIRS
but the film takes place seven years later, plenty of time for said Undercover Cop to infiltrate the gang. (It also gives plenty of time to slot in the midquel** INFERNAL AFFAIRS 2). In THE DEPARTED Leonardo Di Caprio’s character is kicked out of the police, does two months in jail and then comes straight out and joins Jack Nicholson’s gang.