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Food Science Day 2: 5 – The Long Egg #2

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Long Egg doneAIM: To replicate the legendary LONG EGG, of GALA PIE fame

APPARATUS: many eggs (as per), tall pan, foil, cylindrical “formers”, knife, wooden skewer

INITIAL COMMENTS: the basic principle here is bound to be v close to the realactual method used in the long egg industry, but the question is can household kitchen materials replicate the cooking method as well as bespoke “long egg” boilers and clever membrane tubes…

Clever pre-experiment bit:

  • Measure the volume of a couple of eggs separated into white and yolk. so that i could work out the ratio of cross-sectional area white:yellow. this i did, and recorded. then i lost the recording.
  • However the results guided my quest for two cylindrical “formers” of the right diameter – i settled on the centre of a kitchen roll, and a left over bit of shower rail.