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Food Science Day Two: 3 – The Big Taste Test

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I had noticed over the last few months that there had been an increase in both the amount and the variety of non-english (or “Uxbridge” [0]) Diet Coke that was making its way into the sandwich shops I frequent around the Covent Garden area. Not only that but there were real differences between the different nationalities. The time had come to gather as many varieties as possible, a small group of tasters, and find out WHICH WAS BEST!



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#290, 12th September 1970

 The opening of “Tears Of A Clown” is fussy, polite, slightly forced in its capering eagerness to please – a great way of introducing a song about putting a false face on to fool the world you’re happy. This theme was a regular one for Smokey Robinson – “Tracks Of My Tears” explores it too, and he’d used the Pagliacci line before word-for-word – but this is its best-realised outing.


RobEmoWatch 2: hot nights in the (anachroni)city

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hernerobemo of the greenteenwood: grebt
maid chubsy pie-face: grebt
much the timelord’s grandson: grebt
john little’s little son little john little: grebt
merrymen’s not-so-merry wives: grebt
sherriff of nottingham’s prescient analysis of the emergent flaws of feudalism as a mode of political economy: grebt
SoN’s BLACK SILK PYJAMAS: beyond price

ALSO: this is the first version I recall where the robbings have EVER ACTUALLY BEEN SEEN to be given at any point to the poor!

h8az i spurn thee

If your mansion house is haunted…

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The Rentaghost I remember watching was the pantomine-horse era, with that Scottish woman and Audrey off Coronation Street, and it was never a favourite show, more a nice-to-have-it-around deal. So watching a DVD of the first season was interesting, in that it was watching some 70s kids TV without the rosy haze of nostalgia around it.*


What Album Covers Are Really Trying To Tell Us: 1: Queen – Greatest Hits

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I mean its clear what Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume III was trying to tell us: they did not have that many hits. Brian May’s ad jingle (Driven By You), The Great Pretender and some Wyclef Jean old man rap cover barely pads the thing out. But sometimes album covers have secrets, which need to be teased out*. Take Queen’s Greatest Hits (as an example, though feel free to shoplift it and then destroy in the usual manner):

Greatest Hits