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Sep 06

DANA – “All Kinds Of Everything”

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#284, 18th April 1970


It was pointed out to me in the pub last week that this record is actually the best of Ireland’s Eurovision winners, a claim with horrible implications that may sadly be correct. It also shows off two of the Song Contest’s typical idiosyncrasies.


the speleocentric worlds of SUK RAT

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critters“oh lord dobb have mercy all crimes are paid“: at least they should be if you deign to vote in this week’s wiretapper poll (1999)!! THE FUTURE OF THE PAST IS UP TO YOU and indeed DOWN TO YOU

(ps yes yes you think right: “GLOOB” and “GLUBBER” are mysteriously labelled the wrong way round in this portrait)

(pps for the record NOBLE HOUSE OLDSTUFFz gathered between them an orange MISS VENUS, a pink LUNARTICK w.only one leg, 2x orange GLOOB, one w.missing brane-arm, a mauve GLUBBER and an orange BUGSY BACKBONE: the very concept of KING CRATER had been erased from family archives till i found this document, i ph34r by reason of REPRESSED MEMORY TRAUMA given his anatomy) (!!)