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bday2The quirky culture-jamming prankster pokes more affectionate fun at our favourite celebrities! Do you Bank-see?

EDISON LIGHTHOUSE – “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes”

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#281, 31st January 1970

American bubblegum pop was often like garage rock’s bouncy little brother: lacking the moodiness and sex appeal, but you could see the shared DNA. British bubblegum was born out of the same talent glut of session musicians and songwriters and shared a sweet tooth, but it was quite different in approach, owing rock almost nothing and rarely placing much of a premium on kid energy. Not all Britgum hits were as lushly arranged as “Love Goes”, with its post-Beatles trumpets and strings, but most of them share its total emphasis on the chief hook. Whereas the chorus in “Sugar, Sugar” acts as a bedrock for lots of other stuff that’s going on, the chorus in “Love Goes”, built up to and bashed out again and again, is the song. Luckily it’s a pretty great chorus but the song still ends up rather unfilling.

Pub Science Experiment #1 Pub 10: The Railway Tavern, Southend Lane, London SE26

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You may think having two Railway Taverns within fairly easy walking distance (like 15 minutes, including a stop-off in a Sydenham charity shop to buy a shady-looking late ’70s Glen Campbell LP with a great version of Jimmy Webb’s “Cristiaan, No” on it) would be confusing. I can see it might lead to some misunderstanding, or at least surprise. But that’s nothing.


This Life – ORLY?

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Fooled you. Not talking about the telly here. No, in the ongoing massacre of free London newspapers, one thing has remained constant: the This Life cartoon is the least comprehensible, unfunny cartoon still providing its creator with a living. (And I include political cartoonists in this.) Well lets hope part of a living – I like to think the artist is a stinking rich merchant banker who does this as cathartic exercise to keep him sane.

What is needed for all the people pleading for explanations of This Life is a blog something like this: Joe Mathlete Explains Today’s Marmaduke. Not a daily strip in the UK (that I know of), but while more competently drawn than This Life, it does suffer the same disconnection with the reader, which Joe valiantly tries to restore here.