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Popular ’69

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Back in the Summer of 69. And the Spring, Autumn and other bits too. A missing Popular year poll for you to keep your spirits up while Tom regroups. Tom’s standing orders are:

I give a mark out of 10 to every single featured on Popular. This is your chance to indicate which YOU would have given 6 or more to, by whatever standard you wish to impose. And if you have any ‘closing remarks’ on the year to make, the comments box is your place!

Which of the Number Ones of 1969 Would You Have Given 6 Or More To?

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Good Heavens! Urban culture mixologist Banksy has struck again! Is no popstar safe?

ROLF HARRIS – “Two Little Boys”

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#280, 20th December 1969

In rock terms you could locate the end of “the 1960s” at Altamont or Woodstock, or the Beatles’ final split. In the wider narrative of British life, you could point to the 1970 World Cup defeat and the end of the Wilson government. But in the world of the pop charts, the decade ends here, with Australian light entertainer Rolf Harris reviving a sentimental music hall ditty from 1912.


Next Time on Doctor Who…

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The 45-second “Next time…” trailers have become one of the new Doctor Who‘s most important elements. In a season of mostly self-contained stories they serve the role a cliffhanger played in the past, making sure the audience tune in next week. Initially they drew a certain amount of fan ire for spoiling plot elements, but as the new series has settled down the trailers have too, getting the balance between teasing and revealing mostly right.

Inevitably, fannish creativity has turned its attention to the trailers.