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THE ROLLING STONES – “Honky Tonk Women”

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#274, 26th July 1969


1969 birthed two of the darker elements of the Stones legend – Brian Jones’ death and Altamont – but as a chart-topping hit “Honky Tonk Women” interrupts a run of strange, doom-laden records with three minutes of party music. A louche, slightly dangerous party to be sure, debauched even, but not directly menacing. This isn’t the Stones as satanic threats, or as avatars of chaotic times, but as a band settling into being “the greatest rock n roll band in the world” (a band as a brand, in other words, where you know what you’re going to get). It’s a relaxed record, whose appeal is its tease of instability – Jagger’s vocal with its words often trailing off in exhausted gasps, leaning on the reeling guitars while Bill and Charlie keep the whole operation upright and the party going for one more round. Or for thirty more years.

(YouTube video – live with subtitles from Nov 69!)

Freuding Tonight!

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UnconsciousHow annoying is it for you to go and see a film that no-one else knows about, and walk out with the perfect description: only to find out everyone else agrees with you. Unconscious (Inconscientes in Spanish) is a Psychoanalytical Screwball Comedy. I was so pleased when I realised that was what it was. Much like a high concept 1930’s screwballer starring Hepburn and Grant, its Bringing Up Baby with Freud instead of a Leopard.



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timetwistersit’s like you can go back in time and TRANSPLANT HITLER’S BRANE

Poptimism – Lesson Fifteen

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Self Control 2004 – Laura Branigan (Mindworkers Radio Mix)

Hard Rock Halleluja – Frodo United

Bull In The Heather – The Go! Team

Killing a Boy – Melody Club

Ignite – Northern State

(Do I Look Like A) Slut – Tony Cha Cha (Re-lector Remix)

White n Nerdy – Weird Al


“an milk chocolate brick”

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nestlesok so doctrah becky was in st petersberg at a global museums conference and she brought me back this PRESENT = see left! Googlin “Nestlé Classic FOR MEN” i discover further info (on the estimable junkfoodblog) viz that Nestlé’s product literature announce this to be a “new, special form of tenderness created just for men”!! Further market research will doubtless determine the chromosomal source of these feelins which have so far (since tue) stopped me actually consumin this consumable: in lieu of biological breakthrough, i invoke ART and declare the wrapper to be unimpeachable unbroached, filled out by the virile blocky tile within…