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Sep 06

Popular Bonus Video Pack!

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The last half-dozen number ones I’ve covered, as seen by YouTube:

THE BEATLES – “The Ballad Of John And Yoko” (home videozzz)

TOMMY ROE – “Dizzy” (pink balloons!)

THE BEATLES – “Get Back” (up on the rooooof)

DESMOND DEKKER – “Israelites” (nice dancing)

MARVIN GAYE – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (live in 69)

PETER SARSTEDT – “Where Do You Go To My Lovely” (the man, the moustache, Beat Club)

No video evidence seems to exist of Amen Corner so there we must leave it for now. Obviously what I would really like to do is go the whole way back but as yet nobody has been BRAVE ENOUGH to edit their favourite bits of Doctor Who to Eddie Calvert’s “Oh Mein Papa” so the fruition of this project must wait.

THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN – “Something In The Air”

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#273, 5th July 1969, video

My stock line on songs and adverts is “so what?” A song you like appears in a commercial? Who cares? It doesn’t harm the song, and if it harms your relationship with the song, maybe it wasn’t that strong anyway. Association with some particularly horrid brand might well make me doubt an artist, but mostly these ads are product speaking unto product, and as ever its what we do with the music when we get it home that counts, not what its owners do with it.


Must We Throw This Filth At Our Fanfic Kids?

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Harry Potter pushes jellybean science TOO FAR.

The International Irresponsible Drinking Exchange Scheme

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Tim Hopkins of this parish has been in Nashville for three days, count them, and already he is poluting their airwaves. Somehow he has found himself as a guest on Karaoke Blackout on WRVU . Still he gives FreakyTrigger a shout and has already invented the best idea ever: The International Irresponsible Drinking Exchange Scheme (listen to podcast below for not many details).


Let’s Remove The Arm Barring The Way To Poptimism

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Don't Feel Like Dancing?That’s right, you heard it here now. The world famous, often imitated, always bettered, Freakytrigger Pop Music dancing and drinking club Poptimism has a new home. At least for a bit. Ousted cruelly by the new management at the Polar Bear a year ago we had been homeless, homeless, not even moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake. Well I went down the Polar Bear the other day AND IT WAS CLOSED! Any connection between their closure to their FASCISTIC POLICY ON POP CLUBS is easily demonstrable.