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Sep 06

A Picture As Excitingly Familar As Its Title

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DOA 1950's posterI initially became aware of the film DOA in the trailers for Crank. This was somewhat ironic as Crank owes an awful lot to another film called DOA with this terrific poster (and its remake, DOA directed by the people who brought us Max Headroom). But DOA in that case stood for Dead On Arrival. In this instance DOA is short for Dead Or Alive, and is based on a series of console fighting games. The fighting games are notable within the genre for pushing the female combatants into centre stage, with one assumes such realistic jiggling breast action that there was also a spin-off beach volleyball version of the game. Apparently the makers of the DOA seem to think that there may be some crossover in the audience for computer games and softcore pornography.

I’d like to see that research. Yeah right.


THE BEATLES – “The Ballad Of John And Yoko”

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#272, 14th June 1969

The Beatles’ last number one is a rum do. Knocked out quickly with half the band absent it’s a postcard from Lennon and Ono’s ’68-’69 peace tour, turning on the repeated chorus suggestion that “the way things are going / They’re gonna crucify me”.


TOMMY ROE – “Dizzy”

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#271, 7th June 1969


TOMMY ROE – “Dizzy”I’m not a huge fan of late 60s bubblegum in general – though I respect it as a root for a lot of stuff I do love – and “Dizzy” is a puny specimen at any rate. A rewrite of Roe’s earlier (and cuter) “Sweet Pea” with string arrangements, it tries hard to please but its big problem is the title, which it’s too polite and too slow to match: this isn’t dizzy infatuation, it’s a kindly aunt being gently rotated for a game of blind man’s buff. The sparseness of the arrangement doesn’t help: combined with the stately pace it creates a “My First Pop Song” feel, with every hook and beat nicely telegraphed and spelt out.