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PETER SARSTEDT – “Where Do You Go To My Lovely?”

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#267, 1st March 1969


PETER SARSTEDT – “Where Do You Go To My Lovely?”In an NME interview, John Peel once named this record as his personal worst of all time. The man heard a really very large number of bad records so this claim made quite an impression on me. And it’s easy to imagine the young Peel, earnestly making a name for himself playing the furthest out progressive rock to – he might hope – a turned-on nation, being utterly and profoundly horrified that the British public chose this instead.


AMEN CORNER – “(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice”

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#266, 15th February 1969


Amen Corner flap dangerously on the boundary between dreamy and drippy, and then tip right over thanks to the washed out vocals of Andy Fairweather-Low, whose voice is a pale and smeary thing, a wimpy croak that leeches any real delight out of the song. The final straw is when the song wheezes to a halt halfway through, sacrificing what little energy it had. A waste of an attractive tune and a good hook.


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Nasty CiderWe are so used to various foods being bigged up as the next superfood, packed with nutritious goodies to keep us zingingly alive, that it has become difficult to be surprised by the next pick. One day its pomegranates, next its mandarins, then mackerel swims into view all to be washed down by a lovely bottle of cider.


Wii-lease the BATS!

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wiiiNot officially announced by Nintendo yet – but MCV reports November release date for the Wii at a launch price of £149! Haw – perhaps I can get the digital camera later then. This is a good £275 (!) cheaper than the (estimated) (put back) PS3 price – and £50 cheaper than the 360 – but nobody cares about the 360, do they?

Can we say PRE-CHRISTMAS RELEASE SCHEDULE EXCITEMENT??? New Zelda! New Trauma Centre using the controller as a scalpel!! (not that I can get past the FOURTH operation on the DS incarnation DAMN THOSE aneurisms)! New Super Smash featuring Mario, Pikachu, Starfox etc… AND Nintendogs! International Cooking Mama! ELEBITS (you play an electricity hunter who busts out on toasters, teapots etc)! And of course, there’ll be a new Wiii Animal Crossing too!

Who else is bustin’!

Pub Science Experiment #1 Pub 8: The Railway Telegraph, Stanstead Road, London SE23

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They had been long, dry months, but after a lengthy break from Railwaying, it was time to kick off the project once again. Keeping it local seemed the right way to start, and The Railway Telegraph is the nearest Railway to home, though not so near that I’d visited before.


THE FREAKY TRIGGER TOP 100 SONGS OF ALL TIME No 66. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – “Come On Eileen”

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The Happy Couple - not married yet though because Come On Eileen was not playedFreakytrigger has been quiet over the last few days. This can pretty much be put down to the marriage of our main technical support and indispensable chief Admin bloke Alan Trewartha and his stunning bride Emma Hamilton. This means that the site will probably fall over within days of them being on honeymoon, but more importantly meant that most of the Freakytrigger writers have spent the last few days worrying about speeches (and/or heckles) and being overcome by bouze and bonhomie. We even ignored the second attack of Banksy in a week.