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Sep 06

Fool Circle

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At the weekend we watched the Doctor Who story Full Circle. Now best known for introducing ill-fated (and ill-acted) boy companion Adric, this was a massive hit with me at the time (1980) because of its central plot twist. Which I’m about to spoil beneath the ‘read more’ link.


pogo in yr bedroom!!

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pogo (but only when yr MUM’S GONE OUT)

Have They Gone Yet? The Go! Team’s New Job

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The GOATMEATI hate bands with punctuation in their name. I hate all bands obviously, but this marks the particular band out for special Tanya Treatment. Do you think it is any coincidence that post Screamager Therapy? vanished from our musical scene? The affectation of putting a question mark at the end of their name to perhaps simulate a question was hideously irritating – so much so that when their next single came out I made them follow their own advice. Face The Strange they implored, I made them face the strange: in this case a strange looking cricket bat which I promptly battered them with.


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“Geotagging” – it’s the latest thing, Web 2.0 at its stalker/obsessive “best”. Flickr’s map function is US-only right now, so this site does it until they sort it out. Here’s flickr photos near my work.

Goths Shall Overcome The Fox Hunt (Hunt Sabb Joke Ahoy)

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The Intrepid Fox: Blink and you'll miss itSAVE THE INTREPID FOX!

Under new owners, it looks like the Intrepid Fox is going to close on the 11th September*. There are all the usual petitions, but I fear they may be in vain. Unless the Goths and Metallers can unite, set aside their differences and overcome the forces of “even darker”ness this Soho institution will be no more.