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Contact –> Point!

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Do you remember when screenshots were still in any way indicative of gameplaying fun? I’m sure this stopped in the hiatus of videogaming between my Master System and tempramental second-hand PS1 (for Dance Dance Revolution). New screens from the latest driving games are a non-stop snoozefest. “O, that looks more like a car than the one on the other page!” – big wow. Yet another FPS and there’ll be a screenshot of an explosion. You guys – I can blur a few red and yellow triangles together too you know. Ah – and here’s another plasticised and elongated Pussycat Doll-esque female leering suggestively at any passing pixels that might promise an attempt to beat her up for extra pimp points (ooh get ME with my POINTED COMMENTS)!

 A welcome distraction from blah, blah, blah is CONTACT for the DS – which going on visual appeal from screenshots only might be my favourite use of the dual screens yet! One screen appears to feature a flawless looking cartoon pixelated world, whereas the other features Monkey Island-esque richer features, think deep dark cloudy skies and the tropical beaches you might see in a typical stroll through RPG locations. A light playground world promises fun, enjoyable gaming moments and the more complex images evoke a longer and more immersive gaming experience. Clean, attractive pictures that tempt you into exploring more? I gather this isn’t new fare to Grasshopper, the infamous developers who People Who Do Videogames talk of in hushed tones, but it’s new to my weary eyes and yet another game to be added to the list of DS Desires. Screenshot under the read more bit, taken from

So what does it take to pique intrigue in a game?


“she don’t believe what she hears at all”

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moment by moment, what’s on r&r radio USA: and pop and soul and latin and…

(via the nipper) (i shd add it causes my computer to go ENTIRELY SLOW but it is hypnotic and so what)

MARMALADE – “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”

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#263, 4th January 1969


The link between bouncy music-hall and Jamaican pop would create whole careers for some people, though Paul McCartney didn’t get the mix right. The crucial ingredients he’s missing are wit and bite – there’s no reason that good-time party music needs to be sappy too, and this mushy game of happy families is just that, in original or Marmalade form. He hadn’t quite lost the common touch as a writer – this would have been an easy chart-topper for the Beatles too, if they’d put aside squabbling long enough – and the Marmalade version probably improves on its source by moving even further away from mock-ska and into safer knees-up territory. But it’s hard to escape the feeling that this is a singalong too far.

The Second Annual Liz Daplyn Food Science Day: an introduction

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First of all, bless Liz for co-authoring the idea of Food Science Day. It remains an ongoing sadness that she’s not here to enjoy these events, or to add her amazing talents and imagination to the proceedings. I’m happy that Food Science Day stands as a small way of us remembering her.

There was only one moment when I thought seriously about regretting being the host for the Second Annual Food Science Day.


Banksy Hitting Barn Door (Paris Hilton) With Banjo (Doctored CD)

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Sort of what Banksy's version looks like, but not as nudeyAnd so we continue Paris Hilton week here on FT with the initially a little bit amusing story that Banksy has doctored 500 Paris Hilton CD’s and slipped them surreptitiously into a number of major record stores in the country. Having slipped in a CD of his own making – well, probably a Dangermouse mix of some form – and added a satirical cover as you see to the right (except his version has Paris with her tits out), some Paris fans will be in for a shock. Or the charts will be. Or something. As usual Banksy’s point is a bit obvious, and has picked about the most obvious target he could think of.


Channel Five Poptimists Theme Night

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A diva, you know.I feel a duty to say something about Channel 5’s Battle Of The Popstars programme, a real-time tournament to find “the nation’s favourite pop star” AKA an attempt by Five to find the most lucrative possible format to separate lonely phone voters from their money. The format was quite simple – a short videoclip of bottom-drawer talking heads (and Cynthia Lennon!) bigging up each star while their music played and phone numbers for each duel flashed up on the screen. Jamie Theakston announced the winner – LIVE!, well, on voiceover anyway – at the end of each bout. It was the cheapest TV ever, unless Paul Gambaccini and Dan Hipgrave are more expensive than I imagine.



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embracedmy lovely sukrat makes available the results of the legendary 1977 collision between old-skool jazz stylist M4RY LOU WILLI4MS and new-thing titan C3CIL TAYLOR

the result in question = called FANDANGLE