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THE FT TOP 100 TRACKS OF ALL TIME No.69: Anthrax and Public Enemy – Bring The Noise

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anthrax peAs soon as Flav appears after 6 seconds of, even for Anthrax, ridiculously fast heavy drumming, you knew something was up. This track takes the idea that Aerosmith and Run DMC (quite literally, in the case of the video, of course) had broken down the walls between Rock and Rap five years earlier and shows them up for the chancers they were. In barely three minutes of actual songy bit (excluding the pissing about at the end) Anthrax and PE Changed Metal Forever. OK, so admittedly this eventually led to Fred Durst, but it wasn’t their fault, there’s more ENERGY and EXCITEMENT in this one song than pretty much everything we would come to call nu-metal.

Re: Volver

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One of these people directed Volver. The rest are in it. Can you guess who is who?
One of these people directed Volver. The rest are in it. Can you guess who is who?


THE BEATLES – “Hey Jude”

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#258, 14th September 1968

Great sleeve though!There’s a little to admire about “Hey Jude” but almost nothing to love. For a start, it’s far too long: the most obvious of criticisms, yes, but the last two or so minutes of the coda are pure baggage, the sound of a band imposing themselves just because they can. The song comes from the start of the Apple period, in fact it helped launch the boutique label: that may explain why they wanted to get something Big onto the market, but the length of “Hey Jude” just wastes its expertly constructed build-up. It’s also from the era when Paul McCartney was trying hard to persuade the Beatles back on the road – for a non-touring outfit to invent the lighters-out stadium ballad is ironic, if not cruel. McCartney’s excruciatingly well-drilled “Joo-joo-judy-jude” yowls as the coda starts give some hint of how lucky the world was that the other three resisted his plans.

Lop the end in half and the rest isn’t so bad. “Hey Jude” crystallises a lot of familiar Beatley themes – you’re not alone, you don’t have to be ashamed of needing help, some of that help is best found in a huge great singalong. The track has undeniable weight but I always feel a little sorry for Jude, who starts off getting an avuncular chat and ends up squeezed in the world’s biggest bear hug. The song is at its prettiest and most effective when it’s at its most conversational – “Hey Jude, you’ll do” – but that delicate balance of intimacy and inclusiveness doesn’t last. If you’re looking for a Beatles singalong, “Yellow Submarine” is catchier, funnier, less bludgeoning and more adaptable.

Top Of The League…OF VILLAINY

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He's Martian, but he doesn't hunt menSo Manchester United are top of the Premiership eh? Its early doors I know, but it is impressive considering that currently several of their top players are also moonlighting as characters in the latest edition of DC Comics Martian Manhunter.

How to explain this story. Okay: The Martian Manhunter is the last of the Martians*. Somehow dragged to Earth he spends most of his time moping, eating Oreos and pretending to be other people**. He has an array of fantastic powers including being able to shapeshift, turn incorporeal, telepathy, strength, flight and heat vision nicked off of Superman or something like it (Martian Vision!).


Strawberry Applesauce

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strawberry apple sauceJUST SAY NO.

Strawberry Applesauce

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strawberry apple sauce‘Strawberry applesauce’ (APPLE SAUCE IS TWO WORDS) was mentioned by Pete in my previous post about the BK Stacker Quad burgz0r, but I refused to believe it. However, further googling confirms that yes – not only does Strawberry Flavour Apple Sauce exist, but it’s marketed as a HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO FRIES in Kids Meals! What on God’s Green Earth were they imbibing in the boardroom that day?

1/ Apple sauce tasting like strawberries?! We’re not fooled that it’s even BETTER for you if there are TWO fruits in the title!

2/ Apple sauce tasting like strawberries to go with a BABY CHEESEBURGER or CHICKEN NUGGETS?? Strawberries do… just… not… GO!!

I mean, it’s not like “banana chocolate” flavour, because I can actually imagine bananas being NICE with some chocolate, more like “fillet o fish with banana flavoured blackberry crunchy squirty cheese strings”.

The eleventh GRILLION seal must have opened by now….

A Late Correction

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Son of Mandelbrot Four bytes went missing off the end of the listing for “Son of Mandelbrot”. The article appeared in the January 1990 edition of “Your Sinclair” (neé Spectrum) and has only just reached the attention of “AH Trewartha” who submitted the article.

As shown here the listing will only give you 2 “shades” (white and 50% grey) of your mandelbrot set. you need to add the following bytes on the end:

03 01 03 03

to give you the other two shades (75% and 100%) which justifies having “shades” at all really.

Dear Your Sinclair, WHERE IS MY CASH?? Also, a screenshot would have made the article a bit nicer, made the poor reader typing it in realise the listing was faulty, and filled up the page to boot! (i.e. rather than complaining my BASIC wrapper was a “bit crap”.)

On the other hand I had to disassemble the code in order to work out what had gone wrong, and as that’s my idea of fun: well done you.