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Aug 06

Poptimism – Lesson Eleven

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London Bridge – Fergie

Jealousy – Paris Hilton

Hands Up – Skillz’N’Green

Hyperlink – Eiffel 65

Bossy – Kelis


Entirely Moss-free Zone

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I went to see THE ROLLING STONES at Twickenham Rugby Stadium on Tuesday night. We were as far away from the stage as it was possible, really actual row ZZZZ. However due to the three storey high diamond vision screen it was still possible to make out what was going on.

what was going on:

1. jagger wiggling his arse like a 20 year old and almost not looking completely ridiculous
2. ron wood has precisely NO body fat at all
3. charlie just kind of sits there seemingly putting no effort in, but is still tight as anything
4. keef has the beginnings of a belly, hahaha
5. no one knows who the bass player is and he only appears on the screen when one of the others is walking past him (best job in the world or worst, discuss?)