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Aug 06

More Clues To The Meaning Of Emo

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Link from KT on the Emo thread (oh, the Emo thread…….). Perhaps this will help us understand what Emo actually is.


Quad-raPIE-leigics OR The Great Apple Sauce Debate

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bkquadstacker1.jpgHave we all seen the Burger King “Stack em” Quad story yet? Simply, this is a new burger in the U.S with FOUR burger patties, four slices of cheese and four strips of bacon which publicises itself on the basis of having no lettuce, tomato or onion pollutants within it’s overwhelming greasy interior.


THE BEACH BOYS – “Do It Again”

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#256, 31st August 1968


A bittersweet record, intentionally and otherwise.

The sixties may not be my favourite decade for pop music – hardly surprising since I didn’t live them – but that doesn’t mean I’m not impressed by the pace of their change. The Beach Boys’ surfin heyday was only five or six years behind them, but the way they sing the verses of “Do It Again” – stiff, tentative, maybe even slightly embarassed – it might have been twenty or thirty. Of course it wasn’t just pop that had changed: it was them as brothers, friends, musicians, a group.


Who Is The Real Pest? (Brandwatch)

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So Coca-Cola and Pepsi are in trouble in India over pesticide levels in their drinks. Its an issue I know quite a bit about, working somewhere which boycotted Coca-Cola for some time. And as ever, this boils down to communication rather than science. There may well be pesticides leaking into these soft-drinks. But that’s because nearly all of the ground water in India is contaminated with pesticides. One of the ways Coke has gone on the offensive is to point out that there is much less contamination in Coke than in a cup of tea – because the tea and the water it is made with is not as filtered. So why have Coke and Pepsi been targeted?



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#255, 17th August 1968

The first time I heard this – age 14 or so – I thought it was hilarious. My friend and I kept playing the opening seconds again and again. “I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE AND I BRING YOU -” brought up on massive 80s productions we expected Armageddon and we got a gamely bopping goblin. Twenty years on and more used to 60s music, “Fire” still sounds distinctly weedy.


This Week’s Obligatory Porn Story

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Well-Meaning Website Stymied By Thick Interweb User: or alternatively, “That’s 1 In The I for Txtspk” depending on yr view on who exactly is the idiot here. Would any nippers have visited this website anyway? Probably about as many as were scared of Nick’o’Teen in the 80s, I’d guess. The spin the website owners are putting on it is disingenuous – “it’s at least four clicks away from any adult material”: well, no, one click took me to a links list including “Erotic personals” (your surfer made his excuses and left) and that list was still branded with the confusing “Think You Know” header.

But the broader question, six-degrees-of-separation style, remains: is anywhere on the web more than four clicks away from adult material?