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#254, 3rd August 1968

There’s more screamin’ and hollerin’ on “Mony Mony” than on any Number 1 of the last several years, to the point where Tommy James sounds really quite ill – separate “you…make me..feel…so..good…so good…” from its rave-up backing at it could be a man spluttering his last. The ingredients here are nearly all garage rock ones – organ, shouting, chanting, big crude beats, bigger cruder hooks, massive energy, the danger of collapse – but there’s none of the threat or frustration I associate with garage bands*. “Mony Mony” is sweaty, ramshackle, party music – for all the raw throats and volume it never sounds menacing, quite the reverse: it’s eager for you to sing and stomp along. And why not?

*Of course my knowledge of garage rock is a) barely large enough to identify it as a ‘sound’ and b) entirely curated: my impressions of it are based on what its later compilers and champions – the Nuggets people especially – wanted to convey. Lads hanging out together are usually goofy as well as moody or aggressive or cool, and I’m sure there was a lot of goof in garage rock too, as well as all the buzzsaw underground energy.

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mini Mussolini?

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Despite a brief cameo by Michael Schumacher Car, the filum Cars steers clear of German cars. Oh, there’s a VW campervan, but that is a hippy, with a typical hippy accent (its your grandad’s idea of a hippy at that, straight out of early seventies films). Equally British cars barely get a look-in. So there is no Pixar representation of a Mini Hitler – even if it would be a grossly inappropriate character for an all ages cartoon. Indeed the only racial profiling the film does is of the two Italian vehicles: Guido the fork-lift and the Fiat, Luigi.


while you were out debating poptimism…

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… the cultural paradigm done fell over, like

“his favourite television shows were The Wonder Years, Miami Vice and MacGyver”

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Its a grave, can you find it?Find-a-grave. Your one stop shop for, er, finding a famous (or non-famous) persons grave.

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mini Hitler?

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Look, they had to squeeze the E and R in hastilyPremise Number 1: The Ashes as fought between England and Australia is a great trophy precisely due to its lack of monetary value and excess of symbolic value.


Carm On “People”

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Visionary ranting from one-time FT contributor Robin Carmody on Pulp and “Common People” and pop before and after the Britpop boom. Stirring, on-form stuff. Probably because he doesn’t hoist his banner (ironically or otherwise) for or against the “Poptimist” cause, Robin is one of the few writers who can still fleetingly convince me of how much pop directly matters, or used to, and make me feel a little ashamed for treating it as simple entertainment.