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THE EQUALS – “Baby Come Back”

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#252, 6th July 1968

Different record but a nice sleeve!Towards the end of “Baby Come Back” the Equals start making “ch! ch! ch! ch!” noises in the background: it’s a nod to the way several ska tracks use the same sounds to add final momentum to a track, the ska train leaving the platform and pulling away into infinity. Except “Baby Come Back” isn’t quite ska, its rhythm sounds closer to the Motown 4/4, and so the train-noise trick sounds intriguingly off.


Adam, Josie and Priya Pathak (amongst others)

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So i went to Edinburgh and managed not to show my arse in the back of shot for the recording of the (still dire) Edinburgh Show at the Pleasance…

I did go and see quite a lot of really good shows though, amazingly not a single stinker in 15 or so things over five days, but three shows really stood out.


the naming of smells

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fireflyyears ago brian eno gave a lecture in which he argued that the space occupied by PERFUME is multidimensional in a way that cannot be easily mapped — but this post is about how deodorant companies attempt to do just this, not geometrically it’s true, but by the Empirical Willed Correspondence of WORD and PONG: viz in the picture the name is “TUSK: FIREFLY” and who cannot grasp why eh? You smell like yr HORNY ARSE = ON FIRE!

This question popped into my head bcz for obvious reasons just now i wz unable to resist buying Tusk Firefly’s cousin fragrance = “TUSK: TARKK” — yes yes my friends may wish to AVOID ME for the next (haha) phee-ew days as i test it on the world — but SURELY ITS MIASMA WILL BE SHATTERING in a GOOD WAY!!?