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haha ew

— via geeta who does not love us any more :(

Poptimism – Lesson Ten

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Sweet Child of Mine – Schmoof

More Is Enough – Epic Man & Plan B

All This Love – The Similou (Radio Edit)

Move Aside – Bugz In The Attic

500 – Bertine Zetlitz

Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson vs Depeche Mode (Rex the Dog Mix)



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#250, 25th May 1968

No connection between Ms Smith and Mr Puckett is implied, of course.Girls ‘turning out to be’ underage was doubtless a very real concern for your gigging rock star of the 60s and 70s, though I suspect a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy would be closer to the truth than Gary Puckett’s horrified self-denial. Puckett lays out the classic Lolita defense – grown man no match for deceitful nymphet with her skirts and make-up and “come-on look”. There’s something breathily weak, tearful almost, about Puckett’s vocals on the verse which makes the whole thing sleazier: his struggling for control is all too convincing. The sleaze has a strong setting: Puckett’s songwriters were highly regarded and the chorus especially is the sort of thing I might find myself bellowing along to in the pub, leaving me with a feeling of nervous shame the next day. A good match of content and effect, then.

John Peel vs The Internet

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Its nice to hear his voice again. Particularly in both being inept and statesmanlike in the space of a few sentences…

(Taped off the radio from Danny Baker’s show. Well, not taped, recorded on a computer, from a listen again file. This technology is circular I tell you…)


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THE STATSCOCK AS OF 2pm 17/8/06I don’t usually do the techie “isn’t WordPress great” articles, but of course a well run site often comes with other whizz-bangs and flashes. And one of the things Alan has bolted on is a selection of statistics about the site. What refers, what is read and of course the competition to have highly read articles (as per chart on the left) is vicious. There is reason for many of the words used in my Pornography of Nostalgia article, and I will beat you Tom Ewing and your popular Popular.


Slowpoke Rodriguez: Oh Ye Of Little Faith

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Look Look! He Exists. Its Slowpoke Rodriguez!!!!In the pub a few weeks ago I mentioned that Speedy Gonzales had a brother; who, as is the way with cartoon families was diametrically opposed to Speedy’s main characteristic. Namely, he was slow. I could not remember his name, but mooted Slowpoke Rodriguez as something that rang a few bells. This was thrown back in my face with the usual derision I get when I say anything controversial.