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Aug 06

eggs = nature’s ATOM

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very beguilin-lookin new blog named for the BEST-NAMED FOOD finds another superpower pwned by the [insert superhero name here] of food

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Future Perfect: Nokia R&D futurologist keeps photo-blog scrapbook asking lots of interesting questions while travelling world. A more likeable Momus, maybe?

A lot of you won’t like it: Tideland

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Jodelle Ferland with her best friend Mustique on her finger. Don't ask.
The film of Tideland is possibly one of my favourite experiences of the year. A desultory small audience for the 6:45pm screening at the Curzon Soho were treated to what I was lead to believe would be a difficult, sometimes unwatchable Gilliam event. Admittedly I was led to believe this by reports of walkouts at press screenings and by Gilliam himself. You see just before the film starts, Tezza rocks up himself (on film, not in person) and pops a disclaimer before the film. He says that some of us will like it, some of us will hate it. He asks us to strip away any preconceptions and try to put ourselves into the the role of Jeliza-Rose, the ten year old protagonist. To not pre-judge scenes, and oh – by the way – to laugh.


they should have called it GOOFY pt #3289571

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dikethe compromise re little planet pluto’s status = there is now a NEW SPECIES OF PLANET called an PLUTON

this has the advantage of being totally unmuddling to all

Too Much Planny Dangle

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Planet-watchers arrive at unworkable fudge: classic “sideways move” speak re. Pluto, for whom a special role has been found more suited to its abilities. IF IT’S NOT A PLANET JUST BIN IT. I also like “The surprise is Ceres”, as if Ceres were some shock winner in a public phone vote. Actually, there’s an idea….

Penthouse versus Pavement

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But does it have Razorlight?I really shouldn’t be telling you about this, but I was tasked at work recently with picking tracks for a ‘corporate CD’ that my company’s parent company is putting together. “Pick five tracks that represent your company’s values” is the brief. Ho ho, “Money Money Money” and go from there, eh? Except, in the manner of one of those Channel 4 Top 50 polls, a ‘music consultant’ had been hired by someone, somewhere to come up with an approved list of 42 songs for us to pick from.