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OK, Now Please Explain “Dry Run”

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Thrill Power Overload is a book-in-progress blog by former, shall we say, close confidante of Tharg, David Bishop. A history of 2000AD, the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, it looks to be thorough and quote-heavy, interviewing everyone, though the just-the-facts approach seems set to avoid controversy. A critical history of 2000AD would be fun too, though even with naughty .cbr scans it would surely have a tiny audience.

Dunno how big the readership for this book will be but as a former Squaxx Dek Thargo (and one whose brother is currently in droid service) I will definitely be getting a copy. Meanwhile enjoy Bishop’s extracts.

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TUBCAT ilx sandbox Feelings here at FT are mixed about the “ilx diaspora”. Was it really the Observer MM wot won it?

LOUIS ARMSTRONG – “What A Wonderful World”

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#249, 27th April 1968

I went to a wedding at the weekend and this was their choice of first song. In that context, an occasion anyhow suffused with goodwill, it works fine. Otherwise, it’s too cloying for me – an overload of wide-eyed sincerity. Armstrong’s voice, taken just as a sonic event, is really quite strange: all phlegm, growl and chuckle, every line wheezing out but never quite ending. He overplays the wise old grandfather angle – he sounds parodically ancient, preposterously kindly, a giant threadbare teddy bear stuffed with mucus. On the similar, but better, “We Have All The Time In The World”, the obvious contradiction between hopeful sentiment and wizened performance gives the song some bittersweet weight, but this is like a relative’s overlong hug and I’m happy when it ends.

The Pornography Of Nostalgia

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The real actual Bettie Page. In black and white like the filmThe Notorious Bettie Page is a film about the good old days of porn. You know, when it wasn’t exploitative, and all the girls portrayed within were not only fun loving conspirators in an art project, but believed in Jeebus too. Most film about porn are about the good old days. Inside Deep Throat told us how great things were before video cameras spoiled everything with their readers wives amateurism. Auto Focus gave us the nice world of sixties do-it-yourself and be in it yourself porn. Sure, sleazy guys were always around the scene, but all scenes have their anal trainspotter types, desperate to collect the set of fetish pics. But hey – it was really quite quaint, all of this thrusting after black and white glossies of spiked heels and corsets.


Tanya’s Infographic 1: Brian Jones vs Indiana Jones

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In the red corner the member of the Stones who didn’t make it out of the sixties, in the blue corner the fictional archaeologist who found the Holy Grail. Nothing in common but a surname?

I shall prove otherwise:

Tanya's Infographic 1