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Aug 06

What Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it really was on a wall in 1979.

A manky wall, somewhere in Islington


Lager News

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According to the latest issue of Marketing, Budweiser UK are ‘very pleased’ with their “You do the football, we do the beer” campaign, which has caused a record sales month for the generally declining brand. This will horrify many commentators of this parish, who found the ads insufferable during the World Cup.

(Fantasy headline competition: write a headline using all the words Bad Bed Bid Bod and Bud)

Reason vs Insult: The Results

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I was one of the party at the beer festival last week. Championing perry, cider, porter and pickled garlic. But Earls Court is a big place, and the literal treking from Scotland to the South West had taken its toll on our ickle feet. Ten of us descended on the seating area, where there were no seats free. But we’ve been in pubs before, we have certain guiles and ruses to rustle up some sort of seating.