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aquaaqua: lollipop (candyman)

There’s a device in film soundtrack music which may well go back to 19th-century opera — or actually operetta, something just round the corner of memory is whispering (bizet, it whispers, bizet) — where banal-sounding tunes are deliberately chosen or composed to amplify sinister effect, because they signify a split between the awful events on-stage and the silly happy cheesy music playing on all unawares.


THE BEATLES – “Lady Madonna”

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#247, 30th March 1968

A snippy, impatient thing, “Lady Madonna” sounds compressed – not in the modern and technical sense, but everything in the song sounds like it’s squeezed in too tight, chafing against everything else like passengers stuffed onto a rush-hour train (audible relaxation in the last few seconds as the doors open!). This works well with a cryptic lyric about family overcrowding and stress – inasmuch as it’s about anything. You could also hear the Beatles’ own situation in it, if you liked: band members stifled in the ever-tightening knot of Beatledom.

It’s good, but odd: there’s bite here, the detached sympathy of “Eleanor Rigby” switched for irritation and even cruelty – a kind of contempt, which stretches into the song itself, as whatever rocking claims it had are undermined by that mocking kazoo-esque break. That act of self-sabotage works fine, though – the strain that shows through makes “Lady Madonna” is a much more interesting record than the band’s more straightforward attempts to ‘get back’ to their roots.

Fopp Turntablism Shocker!

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Numark Cheepo CD Decks as played at Chris & Vicki's Sten Nite! They skip sometimes.A couple of years ago, big brand record stores started to BRING BACK VINYL. They had noticed that 12″ vinyl was still the format of choice of DJ’s and the Oxford Street stores were losing trade to the Berwick Street and other gangs which catered for the cool DJ’s. So they brought back vinyl, and they also installed a few Technics turntables so people could play before they buy (and scratch too – damaging stock for free : what fun). Hey, they wanted the cool people back in their shops, cos where the cool people are, the bucks are sure to follow*.


Poptimism – Surprise Test

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I should have seen this coming, but I don’t have anything for you this week. Well that’s not strictly true, I have a couple of tracks, but I’m going to skip one and come back refreshed next week. Let’s say it’s to celebrate the final NOW poll (NOW 64) over on the Poptimists LJ community.

Sorry to do this. We’ve been doing very well over the last 9 weeks, with getting on for 100 downloads each week, plus who knows how many in-line plays. I’m not that faffed about knowing precise stats on subscribers, but it must be in the same region (we have over twice as many “unique IP” downloads of the feed). And I’ve really enjoyed getting back into hearing more music, in a way that radio and telly has failed to do. Particular faves over the 9/10 eps would be: Klaxons, Barbara Morgenstern, DJ Ozma, C0up D3 B0ule, Paris Hilton (not the new single, no) and Xina, which I heard first from getting involved in this.

But like I say, this is just a one week holiday, and in anticipation of further fallow weeks, I have a proposition prompted by the internet’s very own mitya/blue_russian:


Food Science Day 2: Request For Submissions

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The mock-up of a Baby Bel being dropped. This did not actually happenSo its that time of year again when the enquiring minds of the FreakyTrigger collective turns to food. And not so much the eating of food, as the testing to destruction of. Yes it is time for the Second Annual Liz Daplyn Food Science Day. Provisionally set for the weekend of the 2nd/3rd September we are hoping this year not only to verify last years findings vis a vis the most aerodynamic fruit but do some brand new science of food. Heston Blumenthal’s we may not be, but we have enquiring minds and the only scientific equipment we have to hand is our kitchens.

This years events will include:
– Discovering which vegetable can be thrown the furthest
– The Cake Of Democracy
– Around The World With Diet Coke
– The bum-shaped fruit throw off
– Microwaving shiny food