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Aug 06

Waterproof Rice?

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Its great news for farmers whose crops might be damaged by flooding. But its bad news for people who want to take less that two weeks cooking up a pot of Basmati…

Xerxes, The Outcast

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Years ago – in 2000, to be exact, I had a blog called Blue Lines. I was one of the first 100 or so people in the UK to have a blog, for what that’s worth (nothing, you might think, and in a just world you’d be right). Blue Lines was my ‘general’ blog, as opposed to NYLPM, and was quite well-regarded and popular for a while. A lot of its old material – buried in the Blogger archives – would be entirely appropriate for FT and might well be glommed onto it. But here’s a favourite post, presenting a lie that Pete and I came up with (I forget the circumstances). At least two people actually believed this and linked to it! (All Blue Lines posts were numbered, hence the “358”)


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33 1/3 Blog: site about the 33 1/3 series of books, focusing on ‘classic albums’. Excerpts, behind the scenes info, reviews. More interesting (in a meta way) than lots of the books themselves!

FT Ask the Family – Part 3

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Dick: OK! So yesterday we showed you one of those close-up picture questions from the old, boring Ask the Family. Do we reckon anyone got it right, Dom?

Dom: Well let’s take a look!


The Food vs Service issue again

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Mestizo: Lovely food, shonky serviceWent to Mestizo last night on the Hampstead Road, trying not to be the guy who had been to Mexico. As it happened it did not matter, the experience was authentically Mexican at authentically London prices. And what I mean by authentically Mexican is that the food was spot on, and the service was a bit – lackadaisical.

So the good. The good is the cocktails. The good is the deliberate aim to try and serve grazing and drinking food, as well as being a proper restaurant. The good was the best Mole Poblano I have had outside or inside of Mexico (and that includes three days in Puebla the home of this chocolate and chicken dish). The food could not be faulted at all. The chicken was freshly cooked, the sauces sublime. And whilst the restaurant could have done with a bit of air conditioning, the place was a cool enough joint.

Now I’ve bitched about poor service before in restaurants, and we are nowhere near the level of poor service that was evident in this trip to Addis.