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Aug 06

Second Blood Part 1

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Picture of Son Of Rambow, though the film is live action this would be a great animationAh, Hammer & Tongs. I like them. I always thought of the video making gang they managed to fix a nicely English sensibility to the cornucopia of promo making tricks. And whilst their vision of The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy was needlessly spoiled by Douglas Adams vision of the same, you could tell the best bits in the film was theirs. And their new project: Son Of Rambow sounds very promising.

 This Time Out interview runs the usual questions by them and tries not to call Hitch-Hikers a failure to their face (it wasn’t their problem).


Massively Multiplayer Duran Duran

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Duran Duran to give virtual gigs [bbc news]

You might think that’s odd, but I’d missed that the BBC did this themselves back in May with a Radio 1 gig. The real event was largely shown on a “large” virtual screen on a stage, with some DJs enjoying a digital presence (or “avatar” as I believe the kids call them).



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#246, 23rd March 1968

A little research on Dave Dee et al suggests they were a hard band to pin down – not a ‘manufactured’ group as we’d understand it now, but jobbing pop stars willing to turn a hand to whatever novelty their songwriters provided. As their name – the roll call of a sitcom, or a schoolboy gang – suggests, DDDBMT’s thing was ‘fun-loving’, low on the artistry and heavy on the gimmicks. Which is great, as a more self-conscious band would have made a complete hash of “Xanadu”.


FT Ask the Family – Part 2

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So! Yesterday we left you with a poser in the form of one of our magnified pictures. Marianna was first to buzz in with the suggestion that we were looking at a pork scratching, so let’s see if she was right.


The Tragedy of the Comments

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FT has had an on/off relationship with comments in the past. We’ve had ilx response threads, haloscan’s limited memory comments, and experimented with blogger’s comments a couple of times, but with WordPress, it’s a whole new baffling world. Thankfully I can see wordpress comments as something we can sustain for some time. The volume of spam comments (usually attempts to increase page-ranking via links) was enormous in our first month, but it’s all nicely filtered out, with just the odd false +ve and a couple of the crazier ones getting through temporarily.

Popular has a healthy commuity of commenters, and a couple of posts have garnered some ace random googlers, so who knows what it could lead to.

To safeguard against comment etiquette disasters, i’d like to point the FT contributors (and hey, why not, the readers) to a couple of posts from WordPress guru Lorelle on the do’s and don’t’s of the comment box: Comments on Comments and How Not To Comment on Comments.

Obv, don’t take everything she says as gospel, but it gives some outside perspective on how blogonline journals and their reader community work these days.

Significant Figures House Price Shocker

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Postbox mouthed Matt BarbetOne of those moments when you check with other viewers to see if they heard what you heard. Courtesy of BBC London News 8:30 am bulletin this morning, presented by shamefaced, postbox-mouthed Matt Barbet :

“The price of the average house in London has increased by seven percent in the last three months to three hundred and seventeen pounds.”

£317! more »

Calling Alan Moore Completists

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Shocking! Thrilling! Futuring! Future Shocks!And there are a lot of them out there to call. Pretty much everything the bearded comics writer has written has now been collected, or is at least available somewhere (including – as you can see – his Future Shocks for 2000AD). Considering the nature of comics work, especially the bitty nature of it in the UK, this is pretty good going.

BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THE BOYS OVER AT 4 COLOR HEROES. Nope, they became aware of a strip that Alan did at defunct music magazine Sounds in the early eighties.