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Aug 06

important television milestone

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the prog: silent witness, just now ending
the story: mash-up of heavenly creatures and strangers on a train, except in threes not twos
the milestone: “30,000 hits in 45 minutes on my blog”

ie this is the first time i heard the word “blog” used in tv crime fiction

My Stupid Ex-Girlfriend

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Thurman: She's A Man! (Pisspoor Britpop Joke Ahoy!)There are so many things wrong about My Super Ex-Girlfriend that it is a pity that most of the reviews have played it safe by just pointing out that its a pretty rubbish film. Yes, it is a pretty rubbish film, albeit one which has a plot which makes basic sense and characters with relatively explicable motivations (both of which are still rarities in current cinema). So the banality of the superheroine, Thurman’s complete inability to play the material*, no-one noticing they had hired Luke not Owen Wilson** all add up to a dullish experience.


FT Ask the Family – Part 1

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Aah, and as the strains of Acka Raga fade, we begin this week with our picture round. What our families are about to see is an everyday object viewed extremely close-up. Their job is simply to tell us what on Earth it can possibly be!


fraudwatch: the classics

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PMMa friend told me last week that he had encountered — in relation to a WELL-KNOWN CURRENTLY V.POPULAR MAJOR ELECTRONIC PRODUCT (wkcpMEP) — a MONUMENTAL OLD-SKOOL FRAUD about to unfold. Which when discovered will embarrass the manufacturers of the wkcpMEP SO MUCH that the will possibly never hear of this scam viz

i. an independent company is about to offer an useful add-on item to the wkcpMEP…
ii. …which allows owners of the wkcpMEP to RECHARGE IT w/o pluggin it in anywhere…
iii. …by means recharger based on a system of little spinning magnets…
iv. …which will NEVER RUN DOWN…
v. do we twig where this might be going?
vi. my friend arsked his contact if he had ever heard of the concept of PERPETUAL MOTION
vii. the reply was “haha i only work here mate! try telling the front office!”

i am keeping this all super-anonymous for legal reasons obv

IHM Title Watch: Oi Timberlake No

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I’ve encountered some bad titles in my time but pube-headed freak Timberlake has surely topped them all with this: