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Aug 06

CAMRA Obscura

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Search for the Campaign for Real Ale in the Freaky Trigger archives and you’ll find a history of mockery and frustration tinged with occasional praise as the lumbering beast moves in what we think is the right direction. When Pete started the Publog back in 2000 CAMRA were something to be defined against: warriors for the ale cause stuck firmly in the 1980s, with a suspicion verging on contempt for a mass public that had betrayed real ale, and with no consideration of – say – pub atmosphere, which you’d think would be fairly essential to enjoying ale regardless of beer quality.


ESTHER AND ABI OFARIM – “Cinderella Rockefeller”

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#245, 2nd March 1968

Esther - or Abi?I find this song absolutely infuriating, but from a safe distance I can see that it gets the unselfconscious tweeness of love spot on – baby talk, fond banter, silly nicknames and all. That’s admirable, and the Ofarims are good comic actors too (“I love your face” / “It’s in the right place” for instance) but combine the goo-goo talk – however satirical – with the wheezing old-timey backing track and you have a fairly toxic listening experience.