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Aug 06

a summer gone mad

FT + Proven By Science7 comments • 718 views

grasshopperi. most years the ants only swarm once, at most twice; they have swarmed at least FIVE TIMES this year, most recently this evening
ii. insects i have never seen in london before = bright poison-green cricket — i’ve seen two (one opposite the bfi and one in my bathroom)

not to be perverse or nowt…

Do You See + FT + The Brown Wedge5 comments • 2,011 views

salo… but the ALL-TIME WORST BBC SIT-COM EVAH (=my hero) has suddenly (ie since ardal o’hanlon left and james dreyfus took over) also become the ODDEST

ok i have not and cannot watch for more than a couple of lines at a time — it is STAGGERINGLY poorly written — but every time i have “by mistake” flicked over and caught a bit of it, the storyline is beyond john waters hurtling towards salô


Too Real For Me!

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“NOT FOR LAGERBOYS” read the shirts of several Great British Beer Festival helpers. How I mocked but it seems the joke was on me as I vomited copiously into my bathroom toilet at 2AM. Det. Insp. Occam would have opened and shut this case pretty quickly – drinking since 2 in the afternoon plus losing stomach contents equals knowing look.