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Aug 06

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List of Fictional Curse Words
A cleaner, geekier, telefantasy-biased, version of Rogers Profanisaurus. You fracking knuckleheaded McSpazzmatron.

The beat breaks down so we pick it up

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World of Twist were never a lucky band, and prone to bad timing. Their album came out midway between press fads baggy and shoegazing, and nobody much bought it. They lost a deal and I heard – vaguely – about all sorts of feuds and bad business deals: lead Twist Tony Ogden kicked around the indie scene a bit working on other bands (like Mum and Dad) and when I paid attention I caught rumours of reissues and suchlike – some overdue affection and notice for a cult act. Then yesterday the news broke that Ogden had died. Bad timing, even in death – Arthur Lee died the next morning and that’s a much bigger story.


Poptimism – Lesson Nine

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Top Of The Pops – The Rezillos

Something About You – Lovely Jamelia

The Only One – DangerMouse & Jemini

Kid N Play – 2 Hype

Altern 8 – Active 8 (just 3 seconds for the DYS factor)

I Love Rock and/or Roll – Hector Nash feat. Joan Jett

U Got 2 Let The Music – Cappella (Technikal Remix)

By Your Side – Sally Shapiro (Club mix)

I’m Not Shy – Frank


Confessions Of A Lager Drinker

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I LIKE DRINKING LAGER. There I said it. Lager is – at its best – crisp and beautifully refreshing with a subtle flavour, a wonderful drink for the genuinely thirsty. I’m sure the related articles will show that I’ve made this point before.

But things are changing – over the last year I have started drinking a lot more ALE too in a conscious attempt to expand my palate. I am still a bit wary of ale as a session drink, the flavours are stronger and tend to build up in my mouth too much and make me feel a bit unpleasant after a third pint. But I’m hoping that a trip today to the Great British Beard Beer festival will help me overcome that. At the very least it’ll be a chance to drink a good few intriguing and unusual beers – and I’ll be taking a notebook for FT purposes too.

(Of course, where there are FT writers and a notebook there is often a LIST)