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ft graph Websites as Graphs
Pretty java graphical representation of a website. The process of drawing is prettier than the result. Wish it told you more about what the nodes represent.

A Month on WordPress

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That is, an excuse for a meta-post, and some dry technical info on nu-FT.

I am very impressed with WordPress – both with the internal architecture and the external functionality. The FT regulars have had to get used to a new way of writing with more clever bits and pieces to get the hang of, but I hope they prefer this to the inflexible austerity of blogger. And it’s not that difficult to get the hang of. Is it?

The dynamic db-ness of nu-FT means we get more of an idea what people are reading, what they are looking for, and provides them better links between the articles. There are still over 100 articles


Polar Beer

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Beer Made From Arctic Icecap: Environmental transgressive thrill ahoy! screams that headline – modern day decadence to rival the Easter Island statues OR WHAT! Actually just a microbrewery with a good PR gimmick, inuit?

old-skool BLOGLINK

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flambardslong-awaited carmodistic tour-de-force on kids-TV k-klassik flambards

Tea Making Fearnley-Whittingstall Dangle

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Hugh Duncan Fearnley-Whittingstall talks about making a cup of tea

Now, to make my tea, I need two good-sized mugs. I boil the kettle. The hot water goes into one mug first, stays for a few seconds so the mug is heated, then goes into the second mug. The tea bag goes into the first, hot, mug, boiling water is poured in, to within a couple of millimetres of the top, and the two mugs, one containing brewing tea, and the other containing hot water, are left to stand. After about five minutes, the mug of brewed tea is placed in the sink, where some new hot water (freshly re-boiled) from the kettle, is sloshed into it, so it overflows by about half a mug. This is to stop the well-brewed tea being too strong. The full-to-overflowing mug is now tilted a little bit, so it spills out enough tea to allow room for some milk.

Remember the second mug, full of the hot (now not so hot, but still quite hot) water that was used to warm the first mug? That is now emptied. The tea bag is fished out from the first ‘brewing’ mug, and placed in the bottom of the empty ‘warm’ mug, where a small splash of milk is poured over it. The effect of the hot tea bag, and still-warm mug, is to take the chill off the milk – and impregnate it with a mild tea flavour. To encourage both these objectives, the mug is picked up and swirled, put down for a few seconds, picked up and swirled again, and left to stand for a short while longer. The tea-coloured, warm milk is now poured from tea-bag mug to brew mug, which is given a stir.

The resulting colour is observed. A little more milk may be necessary, in which case it will go via the still-warm tea bag mug, into the brew mug. When the colour is exactly right, I will stir in exactly one rounded teaspoonful of golden caster sugar. The tea, which at this point is still far too hot to drink, will now be left to stand for at least five minutes, before a sip is attempted.

And when you come into the living room with tea for your guests, it turns out they all died several years previously.

Why We Hate Emo Kids (Apparently)

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hitler_emoI’ve long been a little shamefaced that this mean-spirited tirade is the most-read thing I’ve ever written (co-written to be exact): not that it wasn’t a true reflection of what I felt but I’d prefer it if one of my more, er, generous pieces was the one that hooked the punters in.

BUT the new look comments function means that the article has been given a second life with the addition of – mostly spluttering and hostile – reader feedback. And it’s turned up something interesting – a sociological fact that I had got too old and out of touch to realise.


Pub Science Experiment #1 Pub 7: The Railway Engineer, Sanders Lane, Mill Hill NW7

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(This is the continuation of a project which has been dormant, largely as a result of a lengthy period of foul sobriety. New readers, or forgetful ones, might like to catch up with what this is all about. This review is of the Railway I visited some months ago and never wrote up, so it’s from slightly splintered memory. Please forgive inaccuracies or embellishments.)

I was in a bad mood