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Four Versions of Jeff Koons Balloon Knot Sculpture, in NY, Dallas, and Berlin. The New York one is the newest, and he has been working with the form for about 10 years. I dont know if its a brilliant peice of pop formalism or the same scammed out huckerstism (thats the central question with Koons isnt it?)

I do know that all of them look oddly kinky.

Bricking it

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Brick pushes the limits of noir, because on the whole it takes place in a very bright daytime. Whilst the definition of what noir cinema can vary, one cannot completely escape the meaning of the actual word. And whilst there is a darkness at the heart of Brick, it exists in a very knowingly uncomfortable world of genre car crash.

Yes, Brick is the noir high school movie, but its high schoolness is limited to the vaguest of settings and the (supposed) age of its protagonists. In many ways it more resembles Bugsy Malone with real weapons – even if you are willing to accept that its protagonists are not really in their early twenties. Clearly filmed in a school closed for the summer, Brick relies on a language that Marlowe would have ditched for being too opaque. Stylised, stylish and cliched – it makes almost the perfect bit of two hour fun. Bugsy Malone is a good comparator, despite the lack of decent tunes. Both films recognise the fun of a genre work-out, and when you can’t understand what the characters here are saying, you can be pretty sure its all in the progression of that most cliched of noir plots (the dirty dame). Of course Malone has custard pies and Jodie Foster on its side, but Brick is still top fun, if you don’t take it seriously.


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Fancyapint, the London boozers occasionally useful friend (they are often wrong about the pubs, but directions are impeccable), have a couple of new features for May. The first is a godawful pub quiz, which is completely unlike an actual pubquiz: it not taking place in a pub. Instead it seems to be fishing for your personal details for marketing. Yay! A better feature would be a list of quizzin’ pubs and some description on the types of quizzes (available elsewhere I know but on a pretty poorly designed site that I cannot find any more).

Potentially more interesting is the World Cup section: where it intends to list pubs doing special stuff for the world cup. A bit bereft at the moment, but hopefully we will be able to identify the best place in London to go and see Togo or Switzerland with a local crowd. Though it could well be a different Switzerland, as their flag on the page seems significantly different to the Anti-Red Cross they usually sport.