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May 06

Hate This Club

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Marketing magazine has released its annual Top 50 Most Loved Brands in the UK, and the related Top 50 Most Hated Brands. There’s also a separate survey covering the Top 5 most loved and most hated football clubs, both based on a random sample of 3000 respondents.

What does it tell us? Manchester United are the only football club to show up in the wider survey, coming in at #12 on the most-hated list, between Lidl and Sky Sports. But the depth of consumer hatred for Man U seems to be waning – it was named by 12% of respondents, compared to 14% last year. This suggests that hatred is rooted in sustained success more than in the club’s ownership structures or personnel – take away the trophies and the ardour dies.

Within its sector though, Man U dominates – 33% of all football-related hatred was directed its way, with its closest challenger – Chelsea – getting only 16.5% of the hate votes. Arsenal get 13.5%, Liverpool 4.5%, and the fifth-most hated club in Britain, somewhat surprisingly, turns out to be Wigan.

Money has gone some way to buying Chelsea hate, but it can’t buy love, only getting 8% of the more spread out “love” votes. Man U is the boss here too, with 18.9%, though Liverpool on 17% are closing the gap, and were apparently the only football club to improve its consumer reputation last year. Arsenal have 12% and Newcastle come in 5th with 6.6%.

All meaningless, probably, but an intriguing look into the way clubs are working as brands. The rest of the survey was pretty depressing – the Daily Mail is Britain’s most loved newspaper brand, for instance.

A list of things that might happen on Big Brother tonight

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Score five for each correct hit:

Names we expect to see:
Chloe, Jack, Sarah, Pete, Ricky, Mickey, Kylie (the Kylie generation are above age now!), Shaquille, Dave, Wu, Lewis, Marmaduke, Dunstan, Sanjay, Carsmile, Martin, N., Sharona (My), Jessicca, Nike, Crispin.

On the names we expect one housemate with a brand name for a name. We also expect one housemate will have a common name spelt wrong (cf Jessicca).

Other gimmicks:
A celebrity (cf opposite of Chantalle in CBB), twins*, a disability, someone with “Raw London Edge”, showers made of gold, a completely transparent interior walls, a heavily pregnant (six months) lady, no gays, someone of East Asian ethnic group (prob Chinese), an eastern European migrant worker – probably Polish, the ceiling slowly coming down over the run of the series, someone who is extremely obese, a satanist accountant, a proper male posho (probably Marmaduke), a priest (lapsed/defrocked), a priate (arrrr!), a mutant, sinner/winner man (semi-cleb), a naturist, a Sun journalist/the Fake Sheikh (cleb) someone with a big beard, Tom Ewing’s mother, a crawler.

*Initially we considered Siamese twins but the eviction problem really kicks in. It is also possible that the celebrity / twin crossover could be done, in which case expect the Alessi Twins from 80’s neighbours to join Kylie et al.

Fennel = celery + ouzo

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Minging though it might sound to add ouzo to anything (such as a drink), i was pleasantly suprised with the yumminess of a sauce i made with it last night. For a pan-fried fish dish, a fennel sauce is more traditional, but last night, fennel had i none. So instead i fried up thinly sliced celery in a vat of butter, and then near the end (while adding chives, cream, wine and ww vinegar) i also added a splish of ouzo.

Tick Vee Gee.

Although to be honest the vat of butter and cream was probably the key that made it so very nice, that hint of aniseed did make it that bit more special.