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May 06

A Half-Formed Thought About Walcott

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A really common trope in sci-fi and comics is where a huge alium/evil computer is befuddled by a random element the heroes have introduced, i.e. the Sentinels are fighting the X-Men, and Wolverine et al. have been nobbled by amazingly planned counter-attacks, and then a mutant who they don’t recognise does them in.

Obviously the TURNIP SWEDE SVEN (tm DJ Martian) squad shock furore reminded me of this a lot: the evil Sentinels with their pre-loaded Darren Bent files will be entirely hornswoggled by Theo Walcott and Aaron Lennon. And then I thought, the problem is though that plucky England aren’t fighting evil robots, they’re dealing with other football teams. And THEN I thought – given the prevalence of high level ProZone-style computer analysis on the abilities of individual players, maybe they ARE fighting robots! Is there a sense in which picking a random quantity like Walcott actually will upset opponents’ scientific/statistical preparations, or does “defenses won’t know how to deal with them” just mean “let’s hope the defenses haven’t heard of YouTube”?

A half-formed thought about POP VIDEOS

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Some discussion on LiveJournal about the best pop videos and Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” stuck out as ever like a sore thumb. I don’t particularly like the video or the song, though I’ve no probs w/Mr Cash in general, but how come that videos which attempt a miserable emotional register are so rare (or at least don’t become famous)?