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Almost beyond superstition

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I imagine there were some TMFD-ers at the Greys – Exeter game last night, to whom I extend my comiserations. However, as I caught the first ten minutes on TV in a pub, I knew that even the hardcore fans probably did not hold out much hope for the result. You see Exeter City never win when their game is being televised. I will refer back to club historian Hopkins, but since I believe he told me this sad state of affairs, it probably is true.

Footballers, and footballing fans, are a superstitious mob. But this is almost beyond superstition. So whilst the Greys result may well spell the end of Exter’s promotion hopes, let me add my superstition into the mix. If Barnet continues their poor form we will almost certainly be seeing them next year. Turn that into a definite if all that stands between us and staying up is relying on a result from Torquay.


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So I’ve been getting emails from badger brewery about their exciting range of beer since I entered a competition they were running at the GBBF last year, but this month they have surpassed themselves. Along with ideas for weekend breaks at some of their country pubs they suggest:

Beers for Easter

Instead of giving chocolate this Easter why not treat someone to some great Badger Beers? Golden Glory and Golden Champion are two wonderful beers that are perfect for this time of year and can be enjoyed as the evenings get longer. The peach and melon aroma in Golden Glory is a perfect choice to compliment spring picnics and crisp fresh salads; Golden Champion with the subtle elderflower aroma is an ideal match for BBQ’s and outdoor eating.

I’m not quite sure what connection there is between beer and easter, apart from the annual confusion I have over Good Friday opening hours (I swear it used to be Sunday opening only, but others say no).

NB this year’s GBBF is 1 – 5th August at earls court this year! Also watch out for the Thursday, unless you’re a Whitesnake (FSVO whitesnake, obv) fan…

Ken Makes Outre Comparison: No-One Surprised

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Perhaps Ken Livingstone’s comparison of Tiananmen Square with Trafalgar Square was a little bit ill advised. However hios point remains completely valid. Both T-Squares are comparable:
a) They are squares
b) They have a tradition of not always peaceful protest
Do you need any more? Frankly getting upset at ANYTHING Ken says is a hiding to nothing. He is a politician and he likes to be high profile. The rest just comes with the territory.

Stating The Obvious About Transamerica

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Transamerica has not, in my readings, actually been reviewed by a transsexual. Not that verisimilitude is ever a particularly important trait in cinema, but we do have to consider Transamerica a special case. In the end Felicity Huffman is, for the greater extent of the film playing a man. This causes more than a couple of problems with the general narrative thrust of the film. In a clever inversion, her son is seen as the stupidest person in the film because he does not realise she is a transsexual. BUT SHE IS NOT A TRANSSEXUAL! This is potentially amusing up until a party full of transsexuals and the wink has been more than considerably tipped. This also becomes even more problematic when Bree is saddled without her make-up. Where she perhaps should end up looking more like a man, she looks more naturalistically feminine. This is almost certainly the point, but up until this stage it becomes clear that the performance has almost been on a par with Hugo Weaving in V For Vendetta – all vocal acting behind a foundation mask.

So my question is simple. Were transsexual actors considered for the role (thinking that Huffman was pretty much unknown when cast). Were male actors considered? And is this journey, nonsense plot trappings notwithstanding, convincing?

Not Quite So Fantastic Voyage

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You have Sky One for two hours and it is a non-stop jaw dropping extravaganza of plainly odd television ideas. Which all involve Richard Hammond for some reason. The affable Top Gear presenter seems to be completely at home with off kilter science documentaries with a hook. Such as Inside Britain’s Fattest Man. So far so five. The hook however is not just an in-depth exploration of what obesity does to the body. Oh no, Hammond literally goes inside his body in a Fantastic Voyage / Inner Space kind of way, miniaturised and injected into his blood stream. I also assume that the camera crew filming Hammond’s extremely mini-sub were also miniaturised.

Now I think that the advance of this technology is wonderful and at first sight it may appear to be a bit of a waste to use it primarily for filming a pretty flimsey doco on obesity. But considering the health benefits of reducing obesity, perhaps it is money well spent. Anyway, what else would they do with it? Save the life of a very important diplomat? Teach Martin Short to be suave. You are better off injecting Richard Hammond up your bum.

Caining It: Part 2

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So further journeys into the Liverpool beer story, and more on Cains. Clearly the presentation worked as a bunch of us (including some who have had pretty high powered pub pasts) hunted down the nearest Cains pub for a pint. The Dispensary on Renshaw Street was the nearest and was – as promised – a lovely little bouzer. As I had expected the pub operated partially on a Sam Smith’s basis, with nearly all draft beers being in-house (no Fosters or Stella). Attractively packaged the front bar looked good. The only deviations from Cain’s own was a Addlestones Cider and a guest ale (lack of a guest is always the most annoying thing about the Smith’s chain).

The barmaid was very tolerant of our tasters, and the Cains brews were very hoppy, and certainly fulfilled the promise of being well made and well kept. In the end I went for the guest – a blonde ale which was spring in a glass, but if I hadn’t had a mediocre pint of mild in the Vines* I would have gone for that. Décor wise the pub was pretty plain, in a nicely uncluttered way. It looked like the perfect way to do a cheap refurb. If the rest of their tied pubs operate this well, it is unsurprising that they are doing well. But I still did not try the lager: their stab at breaking the big time. At this rate though I am sure I will get back to it later this week.

*aka The Clock, aka The Big House, aka more on which later.

(X-Post with Matt’s helpful suggestion below. Great minds as ever…)