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Worth watching to see how we were scared off of ever going near roads, not to mention ever crossing them. Jon Pertwee and his incomprehensible mnemonic SPLINK!

What is nice is the talk back at the bottom of the article where someone suggests the creepy bizarre facial expression Pertwee pulls is a reason why he is not allowed near kids any more. Surely it is more that he has been dead for ten years.

Robbing Hitchcock*

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I was in a ‘Discount Media Store’ recently. The kind of place where books are heaped everywhere and yet, incredibly, they’re all rubbish. And the shop smells like a big wet dog. Outdated travel guides, calendars, remaindered fiction, calendars and calendars. Having no need of a new calendar (I already own a fine Girls Aloud one), I perused the DVD box sets.

A Hitchcock box set for £6.99! Six films, all from the 1930’s. I was suspicious of the price, but the chav at the counter confirmed it. I asked why so cheap and she said, not unreasonably, this was a discount store and it sold discounted stuff.

This is why it was £6.99. The Lady Vanishes. So does the last twenty minutes. Jamaica Inn at least includes the whole film, but in the wrong order. The 39 Steps doesn’t get past the credits. The other three I’ve yet to try, but I expect they’re dubbed into Klingon.

The price made it worth a punt, but it ruined my rainy Sunday.

*Pun apologies

cashpoints are just computers like everything else: THE SHOCKING PROOF

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*enters tomb-like dust-covered control room, blows cobwebs off panels etc*

ok on sat even i put my card into a cashpoint to get money out

i. as the card went in the screen changed from usual user-friendly promo nonsense (it wz the HALIFAX so it featured HOWARD grrr) to stuff i’d never seen before, some kind of virus screening banner
ii. then it just went black (but still lit up) — after a bit i pressed cancel
iii. the WHOLE UNIT switched off w/o giving me back my card
iv. on the screen was PRIMARY CODE!! i wz starin right into the heart of the entire world bankin system except w/o a keyboard (i may have pressed cancel a few more times)
v. i watched the cashpoint programme boot up from nothing ON-SCREEN, logo, and the various loading idents of anti virus and security systems, grey bars, system loading, system not loaded, system copied — does this happen often? i don’t believe so
vi. then it just showed “this cashpoint is currently not in service” for a few mins
vii. then it was back online BUT IT STILL HAD MY CARD INSIDE!!
viii. i stood by it forlornly for a bit, telling people what had happened — then i came home and cancelled the card (mon update: no account “activity” to report yet)

revelaed durin discussion of above in another place: howard’s home life!!

What’s Up, Nigel?

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I generally like Nigel Slater. I think he is a good demystifier of cooking and understands the joy of quick comfort food. However, flicking through Real Food about a year ago, the veggie section, I came across and admission that he had never really cared for carrots.

This made me go off Nigel.

I love carrots. Raw. Cooked with a knob of butter. With orange soup. As a dipping crudite with hummus or taramasalata. Grated into yoghurt. Raw, again. Not only are they packed with orange coloured Vitamin C they are also packed with Vitamin See (this is clearly because they are cone shaped and your eyes are made up of rods and cones DO YOU SEE (BETTER NOW)?) Not caring for carrots seemed follow of a high order. Has he never been to Morocco?

When I was in Morocco the signature dish, outside the tagines and couscous, was a carrot salad. Oh Noes – Grated carrot hell – think you., Nope, Moroccan Carrot Salad is a revelation. And I made some last night so it also has the advantage of being DEAD EASY.

500g Carrots: peel and cook whole till tender (not floppy). Cool and chop into thin rounds. Then roast about a teaspoon of cumin seeds, bash with you pestle and mortar until powdery. All a clove of garlic and half a teaspoon of salt. Bash again. Add the juice of a lemon, half a teaspoon of caster sugar (takes away the bitterness), a tablespoon of olive oil and then toss the carrots in the dressing. Add generous helpings of chopped coriander to taste (and you will keep tasting). Serve at room temperature and swoon.

I luv carrots.