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In January/February 2006 Blog 7 was about Endings

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In tribute to Tom drawing NYLPM to a close.

And as a firther tribute to the top 100 tracks of that blog never reaching number 1, we thought it would be good to end the top 13 endings at number 4. But for anyone looking back in the archive and wondering where we might have gone

THE FT TOP 13 ENDINGS: 3. They all died, the cat died
THE FT TOP 13 ENDINGS: 2. The End is the Beginning
THE FT TOP 13 ENDINGS: 1. They all lez up

Barring anyone jumping in and back-dating posts on there, you will NEVER KNOW why these are so great. Or perhaps you will

Reasons I’m Glad I DO Eat Meat #1

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In yr face St John!

(OK maybe not – alert readers will be able to spot the exact point at which this human coyote loses me, and I suspect many others…)

Reasons I’m Glad I Don’t Eat Meat, #295835

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SOFIA — Bulgarian customs stopped a 75-ton shipment of beef meat from Ireland that may have been frozen since 1984, local media reported on Monday.

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