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TEACHIN KATS to KOOK #1: omlets innit

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OK this is not an proper omlet but a SPANISH OMLET minus TATERS but PLUS PAELLA but MINUS RICE

i. Fry big bunch of pre-cooked shrimps or prawns in butter and a bit olive oil, ideally in griddle pan (=has little ridges)
ii. Also smoked mackerel (take off oily skin) (now remove mackerel skin also HAH) be fried also, in little pieces
iii. Beat 3 x ordinary size eggs or 2 x super large eggs in bowl w.a little salt
iv. when prawns and shrimps are getting a bit brown and crispy, add egg all over
v. mix up as egg goes firm — it will magickally fold the butter into itself!! — but don’t let it get TOO firm

add pepper and serve!! use a wooden spoon or stick to get it out from the ridges, it will come v.easily

you can also add eg chopped onion or red pepper but actually it is supernice just as is — i did it yesterday w.steamed broc, mange tout peas, asparagus tips and tiny corn-on-cobs, all in one little steamer


Showing Off

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Also from Never Had It So Good by D.Sandbrook:

“When the budding promoter Andrew Loog Oldham wanted to impress the American record producer Phil Spector in the early 1960s he took him to lunch at the Angus Steak House in Soho.”

A mainstream criminal

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From Never Had It So Good by Dominic Sandbrook:

“The writer Peter Vansittart recalled an appearance by [Colin] Wilson at the ICA, where he announced: ‘Man’s enemies are herd-values, triviality, the weight of mental inertia, stale ideas and irrelevant history; escape is in self-realization, self-mastery, to expand luminous moments of vision and insight into authentic freedom.’ During the question period, a bizarre exchange ensued when a middle-aged woman stood up and asked Wilson: ‘I have a beautiful home and a well-kept garden, a loving husband and two friendly and well-behaved boys. We have saved and made sacrifices to afford them an excellent education. We enjoy simple things, and go abroad to see places of historical interest. So please tell me, in all seriousness, where I have gone wrong’. Wilson then rose, ‘a man of wrath’, and stormed:

‘You…you’re the worst of the lot! Unspeakable! A mainstream criminal! Of course you enjoy simple things, you’re incapable of anything else. Your house is garbage, your garden a midden and a swamp, your husband is Gordon FitzHomo and your children are dung. Their school should be prosecuted. You’re the dregs of the country, barely conceivable in your enormity and it’s apalling that you were ever conceived. When you nerve yourself to go abroad, black flags are run up and the port authorities hold their noses.’

This was not an untypical performance.”

Sandbrook’s book really has it in for Colin Wilson, who he pitches against the ‘Movement’ writers (Amis, Larkin, etc.), it being clear where his sympathies lie, even though Amis and Larkin come across as sneery young fogeys. The debate seems all too familiar, to the point where you half expect to see “Comments (63)” after Wilson’s quoted rant. The question – and it’s a question that recurs pretty much every time I dip into the inter-aether – is why there still aren’t more people who can display cultural and intellectual hunger and enthusiasm without it going hand-in-hand with this sort of cultivated contempt?

No Relation

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Peter Sarsgaard and Stellan Skarsgård are not related.

I know, it makes it really difficult to make glib comparisons (where none are appropriate) between their acting. And watching Jarhead at the weekend I realised just how many Peter Sarsgaard movies I have seen in the last couple of years. Normally I like him, and his movies, he slots in the soft indie sensibility where his slightly disconcerting voice can mark him out as neither completely sympathetic or completely disturbing. Great in Kinsey, good in Jarhead, manages the twist in Skeleton Key well, and even going back to an arthouse porno like The Center Of The World he impresses. His only real dud is Flightplan, and since that film has DUD written down it like a stick of rock, it is not completely his fault.

Or is it? Quote from Pete:

“When people say, ‘The movie sucked, but you didn’t; that means you didn’t swing hard enough. You bunted. If the movie goes down, I want to go down with it.”

Well, you went down in Flightplan, well done. I also think I can add him to my list of celebrities I look a bit like.

Key Fact Obscured From Statistic

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I don’t know what the response rate is to Bodyform’s latest hard hitting billboard campaign. “1 IN 5 WOMEN ARE LET DOWN EVERY MONTH BY THEIR SANITARY PROTECTION”. It seems like a rallying call nevertheless, and one which may make people consider Bodyform more than any advert since the Whoa Bodyform ones.

However the poster has small print. “Study down on French Women between 2001-2005”.

Now we know that nationally people are very different. Just look at those violent Hungarian girls. So is this as applicable to the no-nonsense go-getting British girl. Are we a little bit suspicious that a proportion of French womanhood French neither know nor particularly care about sophisticated sanitary protection? (You answer that, I would not like to stain the character of French women, especially when one in five are regularly stained anyway). Basically would the advert be so effective if it was “1 IN 5 FRENCH WOMEN ARE REGULARLY LET DOWN BY THEIR SANITARY PROTECTION”?