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Jan 06

British Girls (okay, not Welsh) quite violent shocker

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In a league table for under fifteen-year-old incidences of violence, English girls come fifth in the world and Scottish sixth. This assumes they did best in the quarter finals. Eastern Europe seems to lead the way with Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania being in the top three, though – much like in the World Cup, Belgium surprises with its fourth place position.

This kind of research though seems riddled with problems. Just a few points to consider:
– Are all incidences of violence treated equally?
– Who reports the violence?
– Is this in School, outside of School?
– Does it include non-violent threatening behaviour
– Was the research conducted by supra-non-violent Finns.
– Does it really mean that a Hungarian girl could have an English girl in a fight?

British boys are considerably more rubbish too.

A Cock And Bull’s Paedophile Charter

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Winterbottom’s Cock And Bull Story is, as you would expect from the director of Nine Songs, happily explicit when it comes to both bulls and cocks. And whilst the bulls come into it near the end the cocks are liberally peppered in the film. The largest surprise therefore from the erect penis master is that all of these cocks belongs to infants and children.

From a more metaphorical viewpoint Steve Coogan is a cock. Which is odd as he is ostensibly the hero and ostensibly the lead comic in the film. But much like some sort of latter day Tony Hancock figure he is the least funny character in the film, despite attempts otherwise he is the hapless straight-man, whose self importance and tiredness in the end make him rather sad and surprisingly sympathetic. A fun bit of fluff, with nothing deep to say except narrative rules are bunkum, and give two bickering comedians a topic and a yard of film and they will probably make you laugh.