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Dec 05

Jerry Springer DVD boycotted

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Richard Herring’s blog today brings news that the gang of nut jobs who think they’re christian “Christian Voice” have managed to persuade Woolies and Sainsburys to not stock SJ:TO DVD (as all the kids are calling it). Richard has suggested a couple of ways to counter complain.

I shall confine myself to purchasing groceries from Costcutter and Harlesden’s beweldering array of halal butchers.

Christmas Bonus

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Christmas Ain’t Christmas, New Year Ain’t New Year, Without The One You Love – heartbreak Christmas soul, upped here because of snarl-ups on the Poptimists Advent Calendar.

Editing The Uneditable

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& speaking of Harry Potter IV, nacho crimes aside it was an enjoyable if long fillum, with Mike Newell the director managing two important things:

– editing JKR – book IV was where the gigantism sets in and though to be fair a lot happens, a lot of that lot doesn’t NEED to happen. Newell knows that what a lot of the Potterites come for isn’t the action as such – they know what happens – but the visualisations. So you can cut out incident but not characters. The result is a film packed with individuals who get the merest handful of lines to impose themselves, and with old characters who are barely re-introduced. It shouldn’t work as well as it does but luckily…

– Newell turns out to be very good at compression, establishing character and subplot very quickly and dismissing them just as quickly. So even though his screen time is minimal, someone like Cedric is much more likeable and believable than his featureless book version (he’s actually the most typical public school type in the films so far, and I felt a weird pang of nostalgia watching him).

Nacho Despair

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Cinema nachos: delight or horror? Wise men know that nothing enhances the blockbuster experience more than a lovely big tray of nachos with the side pocket brimming with sloppy cheese. Fuck nutrition, it’s all part of the filmic experiece. So imagine my disgust when I ordered some nachos as a little treat to accompany the latest Harry P, only to find that the cheese was a) not even warm and b) IN A LITTLE PLASTIC POT WITH A LID. No, no, no, a thousand times no! For one thing you get less cheese glop, for another the joy of nachos is in dipping yr crisp in an ocean of warm cheese, not in the genteel scooping of chilled cheese dip from a mess-less pot. How am I meant now to indulge in my nachotic ritual of abandoning one crisp in the cheese, there to be discovered, sodden and delicious, at the tray’s end. This is snack food madness and I urge UCI to reconsider. Next thing you know there’ll be meat in the hot dogs.