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identify (and comment on) the following final sentences(es):
i. “He drew a deep breath. ‘Well, I’m back,’ he said.”
ii. ” … now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”
iii. “[___] had plenty of time to go down through the forest and along the beach to the jetty, and be just in time to catch the line and tie up the boat.”
iv. “And the room was full of petals from skylight and rafters, and all about them a fragrance, and petals, flowers falling, broom, meadowsweet, falling, flowers of the oak.”
v. “One day the pirates found a ship. The ship had some gold and silver. The pirates stole the gold and silver. The gold was magic. The pirates died. The cat died.”

GOOD PUB BAD PUB (Part 2 – Good Pub)

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So we left the Golden Lion, in a fit of annoyance. And it was 10:30 and we thought, lets head home. However, after walking five paces we changed out mind. But where to drink in Kings Cross?

Maybe I am the only person with a soft spot for the Dun-A-Ri (aka The Irish Bar), but it was where Tombot did some breakdancing last year, I have karaoked there and it stays open til 2am. Binge drink Britain starts here, and if there is a model for late doors drinkers, the general bonhomie and atmosphere of the Dun-A-Ri would be it. I know people who don’t like it, and some people think its a bit rough, but damn it – everywhere needs a bit of grit.

First things first. The same round as bought in The Golden Lion cost £6.20 in the Dun. Cheapness is not the only matter, we got a small table and eyed the jukebox (five for a pound). We got our prog on, and then I slapped some pop on and before you know it people were dancing to Girls Aloud. By now we were in for the duration, and the odd glass of absinthe seemed to pop up on our tables. Pub nutter came over, but was quite funny and we traded stories of escaping crack addiction (mine was clearly made up). And then it was two in the morning, and we were politely asked to leave. I could have stayed for a few more hours, the general air of fun was keeping me awake. A million miles from the unpleasant, over-loud footballed, over-priced rubbish from the Golden Lion.

And proof here that Fancyapint are often wrong.

EVERYONE’S AT IT: the series

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look i heart “ghost squad” and i don’t care who knows it —

i. the set-up is nonsense on a mission-impossible scale (no there is not a secret unit which parachutes in a sexy young girl genius* into ANYCOPSHOP ANYWHERE to stymie the bent, bcz ACCOUNTANTS RUN THE WORLD and wd SPOT THIS A 100 MILES OFF)

*(she is like joe 90 except instead of putting on glasses she doesn’t wear a bra)

ii. but however the point is not a POLITICISED DRAMA ABT POLICE CORRUPTION but a portrait of idealism’n’betrayal’n’pragmatism’n’futility blah blah: the kiss-off in both stories i saw so far has been that w/o the BAD APPLE UNDER SCRUTINY, mightn’t things not be WORSENED eh EH? which is zzz-ly cynical except that it’s balanced by PC Hot Popsicle’s** GROWING AWARENESS that her job is bentness x a squillion by comparison (she had a little rant about LYING LIARS ALL AROUND last night)


iii. anyway it is v.watchable even if you do have to keep flickin over to csi: nyc to check if the repeat is one you missed before***

***(i watch all police things ever even midsomer murders but i only actually think SOME OF THEM are any good)

GOOD PUB BAD PUB (Part 1 – Bad Pub)

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Oh, how right I was to curmudgeonly post regarding pub amateur month. In particular my bit on new bar staff. Last night I had my first call in ages to call for a manager and argue licencing law with her. Of course it did me no good, but let me name and shame:

Fancyapint link of badness.

Oh it looks fine, a bit refurb spangly, but appearances can be deceptive. Unfortunately it is the work local of my works other site, where I find myself for a few drinks which become a lot of drinks. The venue has never bugged me that much before: the bust heating a month ago was annoying, and the repeated showing of the mini-cab rapist advert grated. But the company was great so I overlooked the joints minimal failings (no cooking lager on etc).

Last night the evening was progressing nicely, I had started writing some lyrics for a song another bandmate had proposed (“Wait Until You’re Legal” if you are interested). It was my second round, and I checked my funds. £8 – that should be enough for a gin and tonic, dark rum and coke and half of coke. I go to the bar, wait a couple of minutes as the barstaff fannydangled, and then the youngest male barman came to me (this one was Chinese, apropos to nothing except to distinguish him from the Russian and Polish bar staff). I make my order. He looks confused. I say it again. He looks panicked. He hunts his back bar and then comes back to me. “A coke?” I repeat the order. He makes the Coke, plops it infront of me and then goes off to serve someone else.

Odd behaviour yes? I try to attract his attention. After a couple of minutes the Russian comes over. “Are you alright” he says aggressively. I repeat my tale of woe. He counters with “We don’t have any dark rum.” This is annoying, especially when they have a back bar stocked with ten different kinds of vodka. I suggest he gives me the Golden Havana Club at the same price. This idea he looks at with incomprehension so I acquiesce however, and order a gin and tonic. G&T and V&T are plomped infront of me, and he asks for £8.60. I – somewhat flabbergasted by this cost – ask if the spirits are doubles. They are not. He fetches the itemised bill. £2.50 for the spirits each. £1.15 for the baby mixer. £1.50 for the half of coke. I offer him the £8 considering my inconvenience – and a desire to haggle in the pub after poor service. He asks if he should get the manager. I say yes.

At this point the arsy bit of me gets het up. The pub has no price list on display: breaking the law. The pub also does not have its licence on display: also breaking the law. I explain the problem to the stone faced manageress, lousy service, rude staff and grossly overpriced drinks (for a pub). She takes the drinks off of the bar, saying if you aren’t paying for them, we will keep them. But I don’t want to go back without the drinks, that is petty. So muttering discontent, and pointing out that the bar is breaking the law, I give her my card to pay for it. She wanders off and does not come back for a minute with my card in a chip and pin machine. I pay, she takes the wrong bit of the receipt and I swear at her again.

I retire, having lost, feeling a bit petty, but convincing our threesome that there are clearly better pubs in the area. Oh, and the Russian had got the G&T and V&T mixed up. But I for one will not be going back.

And there was.

More Christmas Movie Poster Watch

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Lots, and I mean a lot, of posters for The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe doing the rounds. I hope it is not too successful as a film, because some of the others will be really difficult to make (not to mention dull). But one thing I have noticed from the posters is that The Lion and The Wicth seem to be getting all the poster space. Where is the poor old wardrobe? You get more furniture action in an IKEA ad.

Equal rights for the wardrobe NOW.