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I WAS A GOBLIN: Special Newspaper Analogy Watch

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I do not expect references to Dungeons & Dragons in op-ed pieces in The Times. I certainly do not expect ones quite as detailed and tangental (and possibly referring to a computer game version). It may explain exactly what is wrong with the Tory party today if …

So from Alice Miles’s fantasy grab bag of an article on the Tory Leadership contest “Harry and the half-baked ideas

A member of Cameron’s campaign team compares the contest thus far, the process of trying to pick off votes, to a game of Dungeons and Dragons: You’ve injured the Demon Spider; now you must see if you can extract enough poison from its poison sacs, without hurting yourself, to take you through to the next round where you will need the poison to ward off the creatures of the Underdark.

Yes, I imagine the Tory party leadership contest is EXACTLY like that.


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Flic Everett’s massively wrongheaded article in today’s Guardian says a lot more about her than it does about standards of service in restaurants and bars. Possibly the waiter recommended rosemary potatoes with her chicken because it would have complemented the dish? Possibly replying that you loathe rosemary is a little rude, when it would be politer to smile and say “No thanks”?

Furthermore, where precisely is it written that waiters have to be servile? Good service is a skill, and the skill lies in ensuring that the customer is comfortable, enjoying themselves and has everything they require without being in their face all the time. The skill is not in sucking up to the customer and laughing like a hyena at their pisspoor jokes.

And finally, why can people not simply get it through their heads that if you don’t like the service, don’t tip?


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