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the currant bun sez…

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worst. election. ever. and for once, i can’t think of a reason for disagreeing with them, although refering to Howard as “smoothie” rather than “scary n@zi twonkface” is a little remiss.

also i wonder how much kettle/pot is going on here, the politicians would probably counter with “ah but you journos aren’t interested in long speeches, you just want sound-bites and pictures of us looking stupid, you aren’t interested in our in-depth policies”

alsoalso i’m not really sure how much use a “rock the vote” campaign is when your spokespoeple are “pop guru Simon Cowell, Hell’s Kitchen chef Gary Rhodes, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and singer Natasha Bedingfield”…

Rockism* Of The Palate

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Zoe Williams is a funny writer but a lot of her longer pieces read like half-baked message board posts (and I should know). This one, railing against the current fashion for liver and bone marrow, is no exception. Williams builds a straw man that would have made Christopher Lee proud as she attributes any possible motive to middle-class offalophiles – they’re being perverse, they’re flaunting their wealth, they’re inverse snobs on an authenticity grab.

Occam’s dripping cleaver would suggest that they – who am I kidding, we – eat offal because we like it. But oh no. A seasoned Freaky Trigger reader might draw parallels between the liver fan and the grown-up pop fan, who is painted as lecherous, ironic, guilty or simply lying. Zoe Williams hates offal: this is her look-out, but her preferences aren’t universal. It is true that offal has been ‘rediscovered’ lately – perhaps this is because a generation who grew up hating it are now learning how to cook it well. I always liked kidney, but liver was a charred and leathery school dinner nightmare. On the other hand so were carrots and peas, and nobody is accusing vegetable-eaters of faking it. Williams has a go at the fancy restaurant culture, but everyone I know who’s been to a place like St John has come back dying to try out those foods and styles in their own kitchens. This rediscovery is genuine.

*as ever, fry this word lightly with a pinch of salt.

FT Essay on ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ is up…

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And here it is. I’m actually a bit disappointed with it because I was trying to aim at something more which a revision will require. But I hope it’s both informative and interesting, so let me know what you think.

Ahoy There!

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Half way through this afternoon’s Coronation Street repeat on ITV2 came this, the most frightening advert I have ever seen (you have to click on the banner at the top).


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I would like one of these for my birthday please, June 21, thank you. Wow! It’s the Sunbeam PIE MAGIC 4! It basically a toastie maker, but instead of making toasties, makes REAL ACTUAL PIES. Dear lard I think I’ve died and gone to pie heaven. I quote….

Sunbeam Pie Magic 4 allows you to quickly prepare scrumptious snacks, meals and desserts using your choice of delicious and imaginative fillings. Pie edges are sealed perfectly with exclusive crimper seal, locking in delicious pie fillings.

Note the explicit reference to “crimper seal”, which is just fancy for “a pie lid”. And only 68 Australian dollars! Isn’t that like, 50p or something?


Greetings, Blog Readers of the Foo-char!

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For anyone browsing the archives in a more temporally enabled age, you may be interested in attending this convention. Please take care not to tread on any butterflies.